Precautionary principle

Precautionary approach
Technical report

Managing the uncertainty and risks of climate change

The focus of the paper is the use of data that informs adaptation – how it can be collated, updated and disseminated, and how it can be incorporated into instruments to affect adaptation by governments, communities and individuals.
Journal article

An economic unravelling of the precautionary principle: The Queensland Wild Rivers Act 2005

The paper assesses the application of the precautionary principle in the Queensland Wild Rivers Act 2005. It finds that the Act is more restrictive than the ecologically sustainable development principles as conceived, and deployed, by the Queensland Government elsewhere.

Mind the governance gap: banks gilding the sustainability lily

The big four Australian banks have received international accolades for their sustainability efforts. Despite these accolades, a number of recent controversies have stimulated public debate about the social and environmental responsibilities of the banking industry.

Precaution and the precautionary principle: two Australian case studies

Private activities and government regulatory actions or inaction can have impacts on the environment and on human health. Scientific uncertainty about such impacts compounds the problems that confront policymakers. In environmental and natural resource management areas subject to scientific uncertainty, policy development can be enhanced...