Select Committee on the Aboriginal Flag: report

The Senate Select Committee on the Aboriginal Flag was established in September 2020 to inquire into and report on current and former copyright and licensing arrangements for the Aboriginal flag design. This report outlines the Committee's recommendations.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Does Uber need the law to change?

The CEO of the Victorian Taxi Association, David Samuel, claims the arrival of Uber has left the established taxi industry the victim of an uneven playing field, with Uber not having to bear the costs that the rest of the industry faces.

Inquiry into reform of business licensing in Western Australia: final report

Business licensing in Western Australia is varied and far-reaching, for example covering driving, teacher registration, kangaroo shooting and cat breeding. To improve the current licensing schemes, this inquiry sought to identify the reasons why reform can be difficult for agencies and legislators, and proposes ways...
Conference paper

Licensing the radical: from licensed squatting to meanwhile use in London and Regional Australia

This paper positions the now-redundant Australian Renew Newcastle scheme for temporary building occupation as an example of ‘meanwhile use’: the UK term for the sanctioned short-term use of vacant urban properties awaiting redevelopment.

Research data rights management guide

This guide helps researchers and data managers choose an appropriate licence for research data via the data rightsholder’s/creators flowchart. It walks them through what to consider when using data not owned or created by the researcher, and how to ensure appropriate licences on data that...

Business and government: a complex dance

This report examines how business can build a better relationship with government, by seeking advice from those who had worked both sides of the fence - business leaders whose former careers were in politics and the bureaucracy.

Standards Australia Distribution and Licensing Policy Framework

This response to the Standards Australia discussion paper is informed by our commitment to providing access to information to those who need it.

Report of Independent Review Panel gaming machines licensing process: allocation

This is a report to the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation (the Minister) by the Independent Review Panel (the Panel) in relation to the allocation of gaming machine entitlements in the State of Victoria from 16 August 2022. The report is provided...
Draft report

Effect of red tape on occupational licensing: interim report

This interim report presents the committee's findings and conclusions about the effect of red tape on occupational licensing (licensing inquiry).

Compulsory licensing of patents

The Commission has been asked to report on the compulsory licensing provisions of the Patents Act 1990 (Commonwealth Patents Act). Compulsory licensing is a safeguard that may be invoked when the exclusive rights conferred by a patent are not meeting the reasonable requirements of the...