2020 client and stakeholder satisfaction research

​The results of the VRQA's 2020 client and stakeholder research are now available. Clients and stakeholders reported generally high levels of satisfaction with their performance in 2020, and continued to perceive them as a fair and effective regulator.

A unique and substantial achievement: ten years of national health practitioner regulation in Australia

This report outlines the history and regulatory achievement of nationalising Australia's health workforce, from 85 separate health practitioner boards and more than 65 different pieces of legislation to a single national registration scheme for health professionals, as well as a single national accreditation system for...

One teaching profession: teacher registration in Australia

This review looked at teacher registration in Australia to ensure processes are nationally consistent, rigorous and focused on teacher quality. The final report outlines 17 recommendations to strengthen teacher registration.
Discussion paper

GST on low-value imported goods – an offshore supplier registration system

This discussion document outlines the details of the government’s proposed offshore supplier registration (OSR) system, as it relates to GST on low-value, imported goods.

AER electricity NSP Registration Exemption Guideline: Version 6 - 1 March 2018

The Network Exemption Guideline relates to a privately-owned embedded or exempt network. An exempt network is any network supplying electrical energy to a third party, but not a transmission or distribution network registered with AEMO.
Discussion paper

Implementation of Second Level Domain Name Registrations (Direct Registration): issues paper

The development of an implementation policy for Direct Registration will allow Australian internet users the choice to register a domain name directly before the dot in .au - for example,

Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land: Report of registrations as at 30 June 2017

The Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land (the Agricultural Land Register) was established to provide greater transparency about the level of foreign ownership of Australia’s agricultural land.
Draft report

Independent Review of Accreditation Systems within the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for health professions - draft report

This review is recommending the adoption of consistent accrual accounting and business standards and thedevelopment of a single set of funding principles to guide the setting of fees and charges for accreditation andthe application of a transparent cost recovery policy and methodology.
Discussion paper

Independent review of accreditation systems within the national registration and accreditation scheme for health professions - discussion paper

The purpose of this Accreditation Systems Review is to build upon the information collated through the NRAS Review and provide advice to the Ministerial Council on the governance, structure and cost-effectiveness of accreditation systems in the National Scheme.

Register of foreign ownership of agricultural land: report of registrations as at 30 June 2016

On 11 February 2015, the Government announced a suite of reforms designed to increase transparency around foreign investment in Australia. These reforms included the establishment of a foreign ownership register of agricultural land and changes to Australia’s foreign investment screening regime as it applies to...

National registration and accreditation scheme for doctors and other health workers

This report makes a number of recommendations to the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council in relation to the the proposed national registration and accreditation scheme. It includes a minority report by the Coalition senators and additional comments by the Greens senator.