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Policy co-production
Regulatory co-production

Doing research inclusively: guidelines for co-producing research with people with disability

Providing key benefits, principles and strategies that underpin co-producing research with people with disability, these guidelines have been developed for academic researchers; people with disability; disability organisations; and other stakeholders.
Discussion paper

Co-production and innovation - creating better solutions for future public service implementation

This review of the academic and practitioner literature reveals that, at its core, co-production is a process that is entered into collaboratively, but how this is constituted depends on a number of factors. It depends on the level the co-production is involved in to enable...

Identifying and evaluating regulation reforms

The regulatory system should ensure that new regulation and the existing 'stock' are appropriate, effective and efficient. This requires the robust vetting of proposed regulation; 'fine tuning' of existing regulations and selecting key areas for reform. There is a range of approaches to reviewing existing...

Co-production in government: why, when and how?

Documents a roundtable for senior officials designed to understand what is meant by ‘co-production’ and how a co-production approach might be applied to various aspects of government activity – policy, regulation, service delivery – to build public value.
Discussion paper

An empirical look at citizen co-production in Australia

Coproduction – the contribution of time and effort to the delivery of public services by service-users and citizens, prompted by or in concert with public sector organisations – is attracting increasing attention from governments and communities. The literature identifies numerous initiatives in the United States...