2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease
Coronavirus disease 2019
Novel coronavirus pneumonia
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Fact Check: Mark Butler says teenagers with COVID-19 are ending up in hospital at a rate of one in 30. Is that correct?

Shadow Minister for Health Mark Butler has argued 12-15 year olds are becoming the 'front line' of COVID-19 despite not being included in national vaccination targets, claiming teenagers who catch the virus are ending up in hospital at a rate of one in 30.
Journal article

Learning to live with COVID-19 in Australia: time for a new approach

A strategy of having zero COVID-19 cases Australia-wide is no longer an option. In this article, the author argues that we must find a workable, ethical and economically sustainable approach to controlling disease incidence, hospitalisations and deaths.
Position paper

Improve COVID-19 vaccination and pandemic preparedness for people with disability

This paper calls for State and Federal governments to act now to ramp up vaccination among people with disability, improve pandemic preparedness, and implement best practice responses to outbreaks in disability group homes.

The first year of COVID-19 in Australia: direct and indirect health effects

This report looks at the direct and indirect health effects of COVID-19 in Australia. It includes information on case numbers, deaths and burden of disease, as well as the impact on other diseases, health services, changes in health behaviours and social determinants.
Discussion paper

Please check-in: a blueprint for a safe, fair and ethical vaccination 'passport'

Mass vaccination is needed to mitigate against the effects of COVID-19, and to help Australia start to ease restrictions. This paper explores some fundamental principles which form the blueprint for a safe and ethical 'vaccination passport' system.

The NHS long term plan and COVID-19

The NHS Long Term Plan remains the blueprint for the NHS’s evolution in the United Kingdom, but the pandemic has dealt a huge blow to both the NHS and social care. In this report, the authors provide a narrative of what was achieved before the...

Confidence testing for at-border delivery of critical human biosecurity functions – Ruby Princess cruise ship incident

This review examines the level of confidence that can be had in Agriculture’s management of the Vessels Pathway to deliver critical human biosecurity functions at the Australian border.

What the Doherty modelling really tells us about opening up at 80 per cent vaccination

Rarely, if ever, has an Australian Prime Minister relied on statistical modelling as heavily as Scott Morrison. The purpose of this paper is to highlight some of the assumption and less commonly reported, but important, results of the recent Doherty Institute modelling.

Australian Disability Employment Service outcomes in 2020: effects of COVID-19 restrictions

One important way Australians with disability are supported to find and retain a job is through a Disability Employment Service (DES). By tracking employment outcomes, month by month, through the pandemic, this report assesses how people with disability who use DESs were faring this year...

Vaccine related fraud and security risks: interim report

The dynamic nature of an international pandemic such as COVID-19 carries inherent security risks for governments, businesses and individuals. Due to such concerns regarding potential future fraudulent behaviour relating to the COVID-19 vaccination status of individuals, which cannot be properly predicted at this point, the...