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2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease
Coronavirus disease 2019
Novel coronavirus pneumonia

Locked out: vaccination discrimination for children and young people with disability

Despite prioritisation, levels of vaccinations among children and young people with disability lag those of the general population. This report includes data from a survey undertaken by Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA) and analysed by academics at the University of New South...

COVID-19 and early childhood education and care

This research report examines the health risks posed to young children from COVID-19, the risk of children transmitting the virus, and the strategies that early learning centres need to implement to reduce the risk of transmission.

Independent review: COVID-19 outbreaks in Australian residential aged care facilities

This review was commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Health to examine lessons learned from COVID-19 outbreaks in residential aged care facilities (RACFs) in Australia, and to make recommendations for continued improvement.

One year under COVID-19 contact tracing apps: what has Europe learned?

A year after the introduction of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps in Europe, this report looks at their impact on digital rights. The authors identify three main problems with the way Member State governments introduced contact tracing apps
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Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine audiences

This paper outlines findings from a segmentation study conducted in May-June 2021 by Monash and Massey Universities. The research identifies five different COVID vaccine audience segments and what motivates them to get or not get vaccinated, to support the tailoring of campaign messaging for maximum...

The experience of Pacific women in Auckland during and post the COVID-19 pandemic

The aim of this research was to explore the experience of Pacific Island women in Auckland during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Breaches of COVID-19 public health orders in NSW

The aim of this research is to describe trends and characteristics of breaches of COVID-19 public health orders detected by the NSW Police Force and compare this information with self-reported rates of non-compliance.
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Fact Check: Scott Morrison says the coronavirus curve is flattening. Are we turning the corner?

As the spread of the COVID-19 virus wreaks havoc, the question of how Australia is faring compared to other countries — and what might lie ahead — is being much discussed. What can the data usefully tell us? How does Australia compare? And are we...
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Fact Check: Scott Morrison says Australia is doing better on COVID-19 than New Zealand despite a less extreme lockdown. Is he correct?

Australia and New Zealand remain among a small group of countries that have so far managed to subdue the deadly coronavirus pandemic. But Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been keen to stress Australia is not entirely in lock-step with its trans-Tasman neighbour.
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Fact Check: Were NSW's coronavirus numbers higher than Victoria's thresholds for lifting curfew, as Scott Morrison said?

Victoria's "roadmap for reopening" from coronavirus lockdown has not been well received by the federal government. Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the plan as "crushing news", saying he hoped Victoria's trigger points for easing restrictions were a worst-case scenario.