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Lean delivery
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The beauty of a phase-overlapping Last Planner System with incorporated Takt

This research concludes that the Last Planner System (LPS) aligns to the Toyota Production System (TPS) and its recognized management theory, which is a vehicle to integrate the minds + hands philosophy within projects from early design phase till handover. Our findings show that adopting...
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Social sustainability in delivery and procurement of public construction contracts

This study focused on the social dimension of sustainability and analysed 451 tendering documents from 10 countries to assess the influence of procurement procedures and delivery methods on the inclusion of social criteria in public construction procurement.
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Digitizing lean construction with building information modeling

This paper reports on the implementation of a digital Lean Construction Management (LCM) approach to construction projects. The use of QR codes, Kanban cards and daily meetings demonstrates a new platform to add value to the BIM model and to construction site collaboration.
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A lean perspective of stakeholder integration in public private partnerships

The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is the party representing the private sector in a Public Private Partnership (PPP), and combines a number of stakeholders including equity shareholders, designers, contractors, and service providers under one umbrella. Consequently, the key to ensuring successful project delivery is achieving...
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Using post-occupancy evaluation of housing projects to generate value for municipal governments

This article presents a value-generation framework for municipalities through the adaptation of the Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS) to the municipal management process. Said process includes the use of learning loops from previous projects to revamp municipal management during design revision, construction supervision and commissioning...

Integrating ISO 21500 guidance on project management, Lean construction and PMBOK

This paper develops a proposal for the combination of the Standard ISO 21500 Guidance on Project Management and the Project & Construction Management Systems, with emphasis in their integration with the PMBOK and the Lean Construction philosophy. The Project & Construction Management is studied from...
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Stakeholder value evolution, capture and assessment in AEC project design

The success of a design lies in its ability to fulfill client values. However, the ambiguity in identification of values by clients renders the task complex and challenging. The investigation of the dynamics involved in stakeholder definition of the project values entails the need for...

Initial euphoria to sustained change - Mainstreaming lean culture

In line with the trend of spread of Lean Construction concepts in the recent past, Lean construction philosophy was introduced in a large industrial project of a leading organisation about two years back. The drive by the top management, augmented by efforts of the Lean...
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Design-build and design-bid-build in construction - A comparative review

This paper aims at synthesizing relevant findings about the Design-Build (DB) construction delivery system from previous studies. It focuses especially on cost, schedule, quality, and various sustainability aspects associated with a construction project, as they are widely used as performance indicators in this industry. This...
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Identification of lean opportunities in a South African public-sector projects cost management framework

The prevalence of cost overruns in public sector construction projects in South Africa has been observed. This has been attributed to ineffectual approaches to cost management within these projects. The prior study by the authors has made sense of these observations an understanding of existing...