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Information flow
Materials flow
Work flow
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The potential of blockchain in building construction

Construction customers want more complex facilities delivered faster and at a lower cost. Transaction costs account for a significant proportion of each new or refurbished facility (a 2017 report from the Infrastructure Client Group in the UK suggests as high as 50%), yet they contribute...
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Reducing Variability of Workforce as a Tool to Improve Plan Reliability

Variability of flow is recognized as one of the greatest obstacles to production management. Since the work flow and labour flow are two dominators of work performance, it is important to manage them simultaneously. The objective of this paper is to examine if an increased...
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Comparing point-to-point precedence relations and location-based management system in Last Planner System: A housing project of highly repetitive processes case study

A comprehensive production system is needed to enhance the flow operations during the works. In this context, the Last Planner System (LPS) is one of the Lean tools used more often in project management for construction, and in doing so, tries to offset the limitations...

Introduction to the Last Planner System

The Last Planner System allows teams to identify constraints early on, and clear them so that the work can flow with no disruptions. It raises the accountability of all participants, and it eliminates rework, waiting, and other wastes.
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Facility layout design through integration of Lean manufacturing method and CORELAP algorithm in concrete factory

This study aims to obtain the layout design of concrete plant facilities through simplification of the production process by integrating lean manufacturing methods and CORELAP algorithms to increase the company's production capacity.
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Last planner implementation in building projects

Lean Construction method is considered the core principle behind the Identification and Elimination of various wastes in construction. While there are many Conventional Lean Tools like work standardization, doing it right first time, Audits, Just in Time etc., Lean construction identifies and deals with seven...
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A conceptual model for a safety-based theory of lean construction

The construction industry is one of the most fatal industries, so it is important to pay more attention to safety solutions. Even though work-related accidents are known as a major waste in construction projects, little attention has been paid so far to incorporating safety into...
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An improved approach to the subcontracting procurement process in a lean construction setting

The subcontracting procurement process is one of the most important issues impacting the costs of engineering projects and construction projects, in particular. Traditional procedures of subcontracting procurement tend to limit the opportunities for price negotiation and cooperative relationships between contractors and neglect potential issues such...

A Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) analysis of a meta-project production system in renovation projects

The Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) model is a novel approach to understanding the elements that impact production systems in the world of construction. Building on prior work such as the "Transformation-Flow-Value" (TFV) theory, the PPO model adds a multi- and meta-project view through its consideration of the...

Development of systematic construction logistics using 'intelligent products'

A cost-effective transfer of materials and tools from supplier location to construction site along with efficient information flow is defined as systematic construction logistics. Development of appropriate IT mechanisms plays an essential role for simplified production planning and elimination of wastes from broken resource. The...