Maturity models

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Key aspects of maturity assessment in Lean Construction

To achieve Lean Construction maturity in the management of the construction project is a continuous improvement process that occurs when the LC implementation is integrated into the life cycle of the construction project. This research presents a maturity assessment model and an evolution strategy to...
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Planning the BIM process in AEC projects

The architectural, engineering and construction industry (AEC Industry) needs to focus on the early design phases. The use of Lean Design Management and Building Information Model (BIM) can be used together for reducing uncertainty and improve communication.
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Development of an Integrated BIM and Lean Maturity Model

The level of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Lean adoption has been rapidly increasing. This paper aims to propose an integrated BIM and Lean Maturity Model based on reviewing the literature around current maturity models.
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A lean construction maturity model for organizations

At IGLC 2014 a Lean Construction Maturity Model (LCMM) was introduced and at IGLC 2015 its validation was presented. The LCMM offers organizations in the AEC Industry to obtain a systemic and holistic overview of their current state of LC maturity and provides them with...
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ISO and lean can contribute to a culture of continuous improvement

There is increasing 'acceptance' that compliance to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Quality Management Systems is adequate to secure the full benefits of continuous improvement (CI) practice. This appears to detract construction organizations from developing CI practice that can significantly contribute to a culture of...