A growing problem: exploring livestock farm resilience to droughts in unit record data

Climate models indicate that New Zealand’s farms will be increasingly exposed to adverse climate events in the future. In this study, the authors empirically investigate drought impacts on farm enterprises by linking financial, agricultural and productivity data from Statistics New Zealand’s Longitudinal Business Database (LBD)...

Stay in play: recreation reserves and climate change workshop

This initiative provided a free workshop and information regarding best-practice principles for turf maintenance around recreation reserves, in drought affected rural areas. The workshop is specifically aimed at sports clubs and sport reserve Committees of Management.

Climate change, conflict and fragility: an evidence review and recommendations for research and action

This report looks at the evidence on the links between violent conflict and climate-related hazards, disasters and natural resources. It explores the relationship between conflict and short-term, extreme weather events, and other natural disasters, that can trigger humanitarian disasters.
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Fact Check: How severe is the drought in Queensland and New South Wales?

Tony Abbott claims some places in Queensland and NSW are experiencing a "once-in-a-quarter-century" or even a "once-in-a-century" drought.
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Fact Check: Barnaby Joyce said building the Bradfield Scheme to redirect water is the one thing Australia can do to reduce the effects of drought. Is he correct?

Former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce says "the one thing we can do" to reduce the effects of drought is introduce the Bradfield Scheme, an ambitious plan from the 1930s aimed at diverting floodwaters from the north of the country inland.
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The effects of drought and climate variability on Australian farms

The current drought has renewed longstanding discussions around the emerging effects of climate change on agriculture, and how governments can best help manage climate risk. This publication provides some insight into the issues involved.

Migration, labour demand, housing markets and the drought in regional Australia

This report explores the relationship between patterns of migration and aderse weather conditions such as drought, citing the recent Australian examples. The major social and economic costs and benefits of migration identified in recent censuses are used to explain the changing patterns of mobility within...
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Water restrictions as way of moderating demand

Exploring attitudes and responses to the imposition of water restrictions on external water uses in different kinds of dwellings in different parts of Sydney, this paper examines evidence from a stratified random survey of 2179 households in Sydney in a period when restrictions on domestic...