Collusive tendering

Bid rigging

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Changing the game: a critical analysis of large-scale corruption in mega-sport event infrastructure projects

This paper highlights the ramifications of corruption in Mega-Sport Event (MSE) infrastructure, a reoccurring issue in MSE history resulting in poor quality and inflated constructions. Issues are assessed across major events, finding concerns in project planning and ineffective channels to report wrongdoing.
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Challenges of electronic reverse auctions in construction industry — a review

This paper consolidates and critically discusses current knowledge concerning the adoption and use of electronic reverse auctions in the light of specific features of the construction industry. Findings indicate that studies are addressing five main areas, i.e., suitability of electronic reverse auction (eRA) for construction...
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A framework for ethical procurement of construction projects in Nigerian Federal Universities

This study aims at developing a framework to mediate the large negative effects of unethical procurement practices on construction project developments. Findings revealed conflict of interest factors had large negative effects on procurement of construction and infrastructural projects, and ethical procurement practices identified and introduced...
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Prevention of collusion for innovative construction

In order to ensure healthy competition and alliance among construction stakeholders, this study assessed various measures that can be adopted to minimize or eliminate the practice of collusion in the construction industry.
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Scoring rules and abnormally low bids criteria in construction tenders: a taxonomic review

In the global construction context, the best value or most economically advantageous tender is becoming a widespread approach for contractor selection, as an alternative to other traditional awarding criteria such as the lowest price. However, economic scoring formula selection by auctioneers is invariably and paradoxically...