Barwon South West Local Coastal Hazard Assessment (Phase 1) G21

The Barwon South West Local Coastal Hazard Assessment Phase 1 Project aims to build a detailed picture of existing and future coastal hazards within the region.

Shellfish reefs for shoreline protection of highly erodible coasts

The monitoring program aims to establish if the artificial reef is effective in dampening wave energy and accreting sand, which in turn is expected to broaden and stabilise the beach. The program will also monitor the colonisation of marine communities both on the reef and...

New South Wales community perceptions of coastal erosion and inundation

The purpose of this study was to provide an evidence-based platform that will assist local governments and coastal management professionals in the future development of suitable and effective educational strategies and programs to help improve the ability of NSW coastal communities to adapt sustainably to...
Conference paper

Beach erosion and nourishment in Gold Coast: Perceptions, policies and prospects

This paper conducts an exploratory pilot research project to examine the question of - “how do local residents and tourists perceive the problem of beach erosion and to what extent are they willing to support beach nourishment initiatives”?

The state of Australia’s soils

Several degraded soil conditions are currently causing environmental and economic concern in Australia, including acidification, erosion, salinity, depletion, structural decline and compaction.
Working paper

Financing adaptation to climate-induced retreat from coastal inundation and erosion

This paper examines an innovative proposal in the form of mortgage contingent loans which could minimise government involvement in protecting beachfront property, and therefore the risk to taxpayers.

Climate change, sea level rise and coastal subsidence along the Gippsland coast

The impacts of climate change are complex, difficult to predict, yet too far-reaching to ignore. This report outlines potential threats to assets and infrastructure in Gippsland and address issues like erosion and sand transport.