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Perspectives on becoming new port: a discursive account of stakeholder opinions in the renaming of Port Adelaide

This paper draws upon ongoing research that has investigated the redevelopment of the Port Adelaide waterfront in South Australia. Developing previous research (see Rofe & Szili 2009), the authors contend that place names such as Port Adelaide may be so infused with negativity that attempts...
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The challenge to (re)plan the Melbourne docklands and Port Adelaide inner harbour: a research agenda for sustainable renewal of urban waterfronts

This paper provides a brief background to what drove renewal projects in the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide and their current status, the changing priorities of government, the shifting commercial environment and current challenges faced by those seeking to plan these new urban spaces.
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Governing urban change in a global financial crisis: a comparative analysis of waterfront renewal in Adelaide, Darwin and Melbourne

Urban waterfront regeneration is one of the largest changes to the structure of Australian and many world cities over the last two decades. Yet there is no comparative research which evaluates their governing with particular attention to the relationship and responsibility of state and local...
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Perth’s waterfront and urban planning 1954–93: the Narrows Scheme and the Perth City Foreshore project

Despite boom times, the people of Perth have been noted for their apparent unwillingness to accept large projects designed to invigorate the city of Perth. In this paper historical evidence is used to examine two of the waterfront schemes and their results.
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Discourses of community in urban waterfront regeneration: the case study of the Port Adelaide waterfront redevelopment

Through a discursive analysis of interview and document material, this paper explores the extent to which ‘community’ is both imagined and re-imagined as an outcome of these distinct new urban forms. This is considered using the Port Adelaide waterfront as a case study.
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Australian waterfronts: improving our edge

This paper critically examines the urban design of waterfront cultural and leisure precincts in Australian cities, in terms of simple functional planning matters such as use, scale and connectivity, but also examining how these are entangled in more complex representational, behavioural and political outcomes.