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Restrictive practices

Restrictive interventions
Involuntary treatment

Restrictive practices are actions or interventions that have the effect of restricting the rights or freedom of movement of a person with the primary purpose of protecting the person or others from harm. Practices can include: seclusion, chemical restraint, mechanical restraint, physical restraint, restricted access, power control, consequence control.

Discussion paper

Restrictive practices: issues paper

This issues paper looks at the use and impact of restrictive practices on people with disability. The Commission wants to know about the effects of restrictive practice on people with disability.
Briefing paper

Restrictive practices in residential aged care in Australia

The use of restrictive practices in residential aged care in Australia is contentious. There is significant public interest in the issue of restraint and ways to reduce or avoid it. This paper provides a high-level introduction to restrictive practices in residential aged care in Australia.

Women, disability and violence - barriers to accessing justice: final report

This project draws on the insights of 36 women living in New South Wales and Victoria who outlined their experiences of seeking justice and security in the context of violence that they had experienced.

Legal frameworks for the use of restrictive practices in residential aged care: an analysis of Australian and international jurisdictions

The unregulated use of restrictive practices in aged care settings is unlawful and amounts to elder abuse. This paper explores the laws, policies and practices in relation to the use of restrictive practices in residential aged care.

Decision-making support and Queensland's guardianship system: a systemic advocacy report

This report examines the extent to which Queensland’s guardianship system upholds the right of people to make their own decisions.
Discussion paper

Restrictive interventions in Victoria's disability sector: issues for discussion and reform

This discussion paper presents some of the key issues surrounding the use of restrictive interventions for people with a cognitive impairment or mental illness.

Experiences of restrictive practices: A view from people with disabilities and family carers

• Under the Disability Act 2006, the Senior Practitioner seeks to manage one interface between individual freedom and public good, that is, to manage behaviour that is of danger to the person with disability or to others, or to their property. • Authorised Program Officers...