Sexual consent


Briefing paper

Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Consent Reforms) Bill 2021

This paper provides a brief overview of the current law in NSW in relation to sexual consent, as well as some background to the proposed reforms.

Healthy relationships and consent: through the lens of Rainbow identifying youth

The report explores the needs of the New Zealand Rainbow community in relation to intimate partner sexual violence.

What counts as consent? Sexuality and ethical deliberation in residential aged care

The aim of this project is to interpret how aged care stakeholders (residents, families, and staff) make sense of consent, to contribute substantively to ethical theory around consent, sexuality and intimacy, and to inform practice and policy in aged care environments.

Safety, risk and wellbeing on dating apps: final report

This project responds to the need to provide more detailed, first-hand accounts to better understand the way health, wellbeing and safety are experienced through dating apps. The report outlines key findings of a two-year ARC Linkage partnership between Swinburne University of Technology, ACON Health, Family...

Understanding the attitudes and motivations of adults who engage in image-based abuse

This research focuses on perpetrators of image-based abuse and front-line workers who engage with perpetrators on a professional basis. The research is based on detailed interviews and provides unique insights into the attitudes, circumstances and motivations of image-based abuse perpetration and the visibility of this...
Discussion paper

Reforming regulation of the sex industry in the Northern Territory: discussion paper

This paper explores the issues faced by sex workers, regulators and the wider community and explore possible options for government to consider in reforming the Northern Territory sex industry as best practice for work health and safety, and include an overview of regulation of the...
Briefing paper

Consensual assault: issues paper

This issues paper considers the law on consensual assault in Tasmania.
Discussion paper

Civil penalty regime for non-consensual sharing of intimate images: discussion paper

The Australian Government has released this discussion paper for consultation on the prohibition of the non-consensual sharing of intimate images.

Rape culture: why our community attitudes to sexual violence matter

Results from the National Community Attitudes Towards Violence Against Women (NCAS) 2013 Survey have been released today by VicHealth, and there is reason to be concerned about Australians' attitudes to rape and violence. A surprising proportion of Australians endorse attitudes that minimise and trivialise rape...