Disability services

Disability supports
Disability support services

Disability services include government and non-government funded initiatives to ensure the best possible quality of life for people with disability.


Not a one-stop shop: the NDIS in Australia’s social infrastructure

The NDIS was founded upon a three-tier system, with each tier providing a critical and unique contribution to the overall system of support and care for disabled people. The author of this report calls for increased investment in NDIS Tier 2 services.

National Disability Research Partnership: process evaluation report

Significant steps have been made in the establishment of the National Disability Research Partnership, an ambitious and complex undertaking. This independent evaluation of the NDRP Establishment Phase provides feedback on achievements and suggestions for the NDRP's development.

Understanding the employment ecosystem for people with intellectual disability

This paper provides an overview of the employment ecosystem which constructs access to employment supports for people with disability.

School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) – reshaping the approach

This paper collates the existing data available on School Leaver Employment Supports, and on the experiences of young people with intellectual disability seeking school to work transition. It identifies employment support needs aligned to best practice evidence.

The WISE-Ability Model

This paper presents a new model for Australian Disability Enterprises: the WISE-Ability model. The model articulates the organisational elements that build capacity of employees including pathways to open employment. The paper also identifies data from research about the funding barriers to transitioning employees from ADEs...

The logic for reform: employment for people with intellectual disability in Australia

This paper is an overview of research undertaken by the Centre for Social Impact related to the employment needs of people with disability over several years, in addition to a substantial body of research related to social enterprise.

Understanding the elements of employment support

This paper explains the range of employment supports that should be available for people with disabilities, and the extent to which they are provided in the current system.

The ADE Snapshot

This paper collates the existing data available about Australian Disability Enterprises, adding new data to identify the current state of the ADE sector.

Taxi troubles: the experiences of people with disability and taxis in NSW

This report of an online survey on the experiences of people with disability using taxi services provides clear evidence that the point-to-point transport network is not meeting the needs of its users, and that industry practices are in fact, are actively discouraging people with disability...

Australia’s disability strategy 2021–2031 outcomes framework: first annual report

This first annual report for the Australia’s Disability Strategy Outcomes Framework provides an overview of all measures being tracked under Australia’s Disability Strategy at ‘baseline’ – that is, when the strategy began in December 2021.

Hey! Hear me out

This project aimed to understand what helps, and what makes it hard for First Nations NDIS participants who are deaf or hard of hearing, to use their NDIS plans in a way that meet their needs and aspirations.
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Allied health workforce development for participant-led services: structures for student placements in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

This study explored shifting understandings and practices related to allied health student placements during the implementation of a participant-led funding model within the Australian disability sector: the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Evaluation of NSW community-based mental health programs: Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative Plus

The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative Plus (HASI Plus) is a program for people with severe mental illness and significant difficulties managing day to day living. The Ministry commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) to evaluate the HASI Plus program. This is the report...

Diversity, dignity, equity and best practice: a framework for supported decision-making

This research aims to understand the significance of supported decision-making to the lives of people with cognitive disabilities, identify its essential elements common to anyone with cognitive disabilities in any context, and locate key implementation issues.

Own Motion Inquiry into Aspects of Supported Accommodation: inquiry report

The purpose of this inquiry was to enable the NDIS Commissioner to identify trends in issues that are occurring in supported accommodation, what is causing those issues, and how the NDIS Commission can use its powers to support the delivery of higher standards of support...

National Disability Research Partnership: learnings and recommendations

This report has recommendations for setting up and running a National Disability Research Partnership (NDRP). It is based on feedback from the disability community and a range of other stakeholders who have contributed during the NDRP establishment phase.

Exercising meaningful choice and control in the NDIS

This research aims to capture the voices of NDIS participants, and some plan nominees, explaining why they choose to use unregistered providers and the steps that they take to ensure the quality and safety of services for themselves and their workers.

NDIA research and evaluation strategy 2022-2027

This strategy sets out a pathway to build and mobilise evidence to enhance the NDIS and shape innovative services and supports that optimise the lives of participants.

NDS safer and stronger project: July 2020 – June 2022

This report reflects on a two year project, funded by the Victorian government, to help the disability sector protect society's more vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

State of the disability sector 2022

National Disability Services' State of the disability sector' report for 2022 is based on responses from 364 disability service providers who took part in this national, annual sector survey. The report reveals a difficult operating environment for most providers. However, there are some glimmers of...

Framework for artificial intelligence-enabled assistive technology as supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme: final report

Other authors
Katie Packer, Janine Walker, Pippa Niven, Joshua Byrnes, Sankalp Khanna, Dongxi Liu
The NDIA has released this framework to promote innovation and development of safe and effective artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled assistive technology (AT).
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What, if anything, has changed over the past 10 years for people with intellectual disabilities and their families in regional, rural, and remote geographic areas?

This editorial considers research undertaken over the past 10 years, to reflect on what a now fully operational NDIS has changed regarding contemporary service delivery and access issues for people with intellectual disabilities in regional, rural, and remote areas of Australia.

Engage-In research project

This project sought to develop a comprehensive understanding of how disability advocates could effectively support people with psychosocial disability who were living in or recently released from institutions, to gain access to relevant supports and resources, with a focus on accessing the NDIS.

Disability Gateway: process and outcomes evaluation report

This report outlines the findings from an independent evaluation of the Australian Department of Social Services' initial 12 months of the Disability Gateway service.

A narrative review of self-directed disability budget management

The information included in this review aims to inform the development of an effective Self-Management Policy for the NDIA, as well as any considerations that may be relevant to the development of guidance, tools or processes once the policy has been developed.