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Conference paper

Urban design solutions for ameliorating urban heat island in Ipswich, Queensland

This study aimed at providing evidence-based analysis of how the existing urban design affects street microclimates in key areas of Ipswich, including two in the city centre and one in a recently developed suburb on the southern part of Ipswich .
Case study

Small Creek naturalisation

Restoration of the Small Creek concrete channel to a more natural waterway, co-designed with the community. Transformation of 1.6km of existing concrete channel into a natural waterway. The channel is located in a heavily urbanised catchment and works will take place over five years of...
Conference paper

Neighbourhood disaster resilience index: A validation in the context of Brisbane and Ipswich 2010/2011 floods

Despite the wide use of the resilience concept in urban planning and policy making, measuring this concept at neighbourhood level has not been done. In this study, a Neighbourhood Disaster Resilience Index (NDRI) is proposed with a refined set of variables for measuring neighbourhood level...
Conference paper

Understanding Australian parents' attitudes about their children's travel behaviour: results from the CATCH and iMATCH projects

The paper explores on data from 232 questionnaire surveys completed by parents and guardians of 10-13 year olds who were recruited from primary schools in six neighbourhoods in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane/Ipswich about the reasons parents grant ‘licences’ to their children for independent mobility and...