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Fact sheet

Fact Check: Josh Frydenberg says Melbourne is the world's most locked down city. Is that correct?

As lockdown rules eased for millions of weary Melburnians, Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg asserted that no other city on the planet had suffered for so long under these restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Verdict: Mr Frydenberg's claim is not clear cut.

From city to nation: digital government in Argentina, 2015–2018

Based on interviews with key stakeholders, this report discusses Argentina’s digital modernisation agenda from 2015 to 2018, with a primary focus on service provision projects. It examines the challenges faced, in terms of politics and technology, and the lessons that Argentina’s experience offers.

Urban climate action impacts framework

This report presents evidences that urban stakeholders need to guide and make the case for climate action.

Argentina’s renewal: Capitalising on reform in South America’s second-largest economy

This report explores five sectors where Australian strengths can leverage and benefit from demand and opportunity in a reforming Argentina: energy and resources; agriculture; infrastructure; education and training; and the digital economy.
Briefing paper

Energy efficiency brief: Rosario, Argentina

Argentina’s significant domestic natural gas and hydro resources has led to an electricity generation system based on these fuel sources, offering low electricity prices. However, declining gas production due to the exhaustion of resources coupled with growing energy consumption is emphasizing the importance of both...
Blog post

10 tips for digital citizens’ parents

Guest contributor Anne Collier discusses youth and digital citizenship, and shares ten key insights for parents.

Going universal: how 24 developing countries are implementing universal health coverage from the bottom up

This book is about 24 developing countries that have embarked on the journey towards universal health coverage (UHC) following a bottom-up approach, with a special focus on the poor and vulnerable, through a systematic data collection that provides practical insights to policymakers and practitioners.

Public policy observatories in the Americas: A guide for their design and implementation in our public administrations

Public policy observatories are an initiative that some public administrations in the US and Europe have implemented to manage knowledge. The use of observatories enables public administrators to have greater information to design, develop, implement, and evaluate their public policies. This publication aims to foster...