Indian Ocean


Indian Ocean futures: prospects for shared regional success

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Fortuna Anwar, Supriyo De, Anjusha Durbarry, Farida Fozdar, Juliet Hermes, Humaira Khan, Roxy Koll, Xuan Li, David Mickler, Romeela Mohee, Anu Rammohan, Peter Robertson, Ourvashee Roopchund, Kadambot Siddique, Anil Sooklal, Janet Sprintall, Verena Tandrayen-Ragoobur, Erika Techera
With expert contributions from 20 international leaders and academics, this publication casts an eye across the dynamics of the Indian Ocean region, exploring the proposition there is real scope to develop the collective prosperity, sustainability and connectivity of the region.

Environmental security in the eastern Indian Ocean, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean: a risk mapping approach

This report arises from an Australia–France–India strategic dialogue held in New Delhi in January 2018. It builds on a French proposal introduced at that meeting. Australian researchers performed the risk mapping for the eastern Indian Ocean. French researchers will produce a risk assessment for the...
Policy report

The normalisation of Japanese policy in the Indian Ocean region

This research paper argues that Japan’s political and military normalisation under the stewardship of Prime Minister Abe is well and truly underway. The country has taken a proactive approach to the Indian Ocean region, as is evident from its various regional endeavours.

Indonesian foreign policy: blind spots, stress points and potential pitfalls

Indonesia has been ignoring its leadership role in ASEAN, even though that organisation has the potential to be a valuable tool for extending Indonesian influence.

India’s primacy in the Indian Ocean region: possibility or misplaced priority?

India, Australia and the United States can play an important role by co-operating more closely in maintaining a rules-based order in the Indian Ocean Region.

India's Act East policy

India's Act East policy reinforces regional integration, security and prosperity, but it isn't sufficient to address the emerging security challenges in the region.

India’s security concerns in the Indian Ocean region: a critical analysis

The Indian Ocean has always been, and will remain, on the strategic radar of great powers. Given its strategic location with abundant oil, mineral resources and fisheries, and being a hub of vast seaborne global trade and oil routes, it has turned out to be...

The United States and the Indian Ocean region: a case of growing interests

The economies of Europe, the power-houses of East Asia and the US also depend upon the Indian Ocean SLOCs for the transportation of raw materials, manufactured goods and raw materials.

The water-energy nexus in the Indian Ocean region

The term water-energy nexus describes the interdependence, and often competing demands, of two of the world’s most valuable resources: water and energy.
Briefing paper

Indian Ocean dialogue 2015: the Perth consensus

The second Indian Ocean dialogue was held in Perth, Australia on 5-7 September 2015. The dialogue plays an important role in bringing together representatives of strategic and foreign policy communities and civil society to discuss maritime-related issues as part of the emergence of a vibrant...

South Africa: national involvement in the Indian Ocean region

South Africa’s involvement in international affairs has increased greatly since the end of the apartheid era. While its policies tend to prioritise development within the African continent, it maintains a degree of involvement in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

New Zealand: national involvement in the Indian ocean region

New Zealand is expanding its regional engagement through the deepening of diplomatic ties, the negotiation of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, greater cultural integration and the refocussing of defence, aid and foreign policies to reflect the changes nature of the region.

United Kingdom: national involvement in the Indian ocean region

This report look looks at the influence the UK has with its connections, such as Australia and other commonwealth countries in the region.

Turkey: national involvement in the Indian Ocean Region

This paper argues that unless it's foreign policy shifts unexpectedly, Turkey will continue to have a growing trade focus on India, Indonesia, South Africa and Australia.