Tiwi Islands


Understanding the role of law and culture in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in responding to and preventing family violence

This is an exploratory study that has aimed to bring to light some perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from the Kimberley, Pilbara, Tiwi Islands, Mornington Peninsula and Darwin on family violence, with an emphasis on the positive role law and culture plays...

Integrating art production and economic development in North West NT and the Tiwi Islands

This Report presents the results of a study that forms one component of a major National Survey of Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists. This Report relates to the implementation of the National Survey in Region 3: The North-West region of the Northern Territory...

Tiwi Islands fire management plan 2019

Tiwi Islands Fire Management Plan has been put together byTiwi Land Council, incorporating weed management and wet season fire management.
Working paper

Stories from community: how suicide rates fell in two Indigenous communities

This is the story of suicide prevention in two remote Indigenous communities - Tiwi Islands (Northern Territory) and Yarrabah (Queensland), told by the communities themselves. It is a story of community empowerment in each place and as such supports the existing work of the Aboriginal...
Journal article

Transformation of mortality in a remote Australian Aboriginal community: a retrospective observational study

This article outlines trends in ages and causes of death in a remote-living Australian Aboriginal group over a fifty-year period.

Forestry and mining operations on the Tiwi Islands

This report provides an assessment of the environmental, economic and community impacts of existing and proposed forestry and mining operations on the Tiwi Islands, and reviews governance arrangements relating to existing operations.

Ngaripirliga'ajirri: an early intervention program on the Tiwi Islands

High rates of suicide, domestic violence and substance abuse on the Tiwi islands are a significant cause of problem behaviours amongst children. Parenting styles also differ from mainstream society, because traditional Aboriginal families are very much extended families, and parents just one point in a...
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Aboriginal health workers and diabetes care in remote community health centres: a mixed method analysis

This article investigates the impact of employing Aboriginal health workers on the delivery of diabetes care in remote community health centres.