Educational innovations


Place-based partnerships building on competitive strengths
5 Oct 2018

This statement provides a guide for developing innovation precincts across Australia. The statement was developed in collaboration with a committee of advisors from industry, universities and state and territory governments.


12 Apr 2018

This research shows Mission Australia’s Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program in South Australia not only successfully re-engages hundreds of disadvantaged high school students with learning, but also has a significant transformative and potentially life-saving impact on young people who are facing a range of complex...

Discussion paper

26 Nov 2017

This discussion paper explores the conceptual relationship between adaptation and education, examining why better teaching is an adaptive process, why we need an adaptive system, and how best to create one.


24 Nov 2016

In order to read proficiently, students need accurate and fluent word identification skills and adequate language comprehension. Put simply, they must be able to work out what the words on the page or screen are, and know what they mean.

The most effective way...


20 Oct 2016

This report describes a collaborative two-year action research project, Questions of Engagement , which aimed to identify influences on engagement and disengagement with learning of students in Years 5 to 8. This collaboration between Maribyrnong and Moonee Valley Local Learning and Employment Network, Victoria University...

Journal article

13 Oct 2016

Global education consultant, Charles Leadbeater identifies four features of innovative schools essential to prepare students for the changing world of work. They centre around developing students’ humanity.

At a gathering of school leaders – part of SVA’s, Bright Spots Schools Connection, Charles Leadbeater previewed...

Audio interview


26 Aug 2016

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, is in Australia to deliver a series of presentations and public lectures. Wozniak says government support for innovation starts with education and believes Australia has the technical expertise to compete on the world's innovation stage.



15 Jul 2016

Australia’s schools are not keeping up with the best in the world. There is a real problem, and governments must act. But the newly elected Coalition government must tread a fine line: good Commonwealth policy will not save Australia’s schools, but poor policy will damage...


23 May 2016

From the Leader of the Opposition’s Budget Reply speech in May 2015, Labor has been announcing a comprehensive suite of measures to spur innovation, and deliver the jobs of the future.

Under this new suite of measures, an elected Shorten Labor Government will:...


6 May 2016

Executive Summary

The overall quality of the Australian research sector is high by OECD standards but Australia’s performance is poor when it comes to translating publicly funded research into collaboration with business. We rank last out of 26 OECD countries on the proportion...


1 May 2016

A strong and sustainable schooling system that ensures all children receive an excellent education matters for Australia’s future.

Strong education outcomes result in better work and life opportunities for us all as individuals and benefit Australia more broadly through improvements to national productivity, workforce...

Journal article

6 Jan 2016

Student-driven “deep learning”, teachers as “coaches” and “activators of learning” and positive student–teacher relationships are all part of the changing and significantly innovative educational landscape which requires considerable pedagogical change in teaching and learning processes. Teacher professional learning communities (PLCs) have been recognised as highly...


31 Dec 2015

Developed by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and Hanover Welfare Services (now Launch Housing), with funding from the Victorian Government, Education First Youth Foyers represent a new model and practice approach to working with young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


8 Dec 2015

The Coalition Government will help support women pursue careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries, research sector, start-ups and entrepreneurial firms by investing $13 million over five years.

Minister for Women, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash said the investment will support...


27 Nov 2015

This report makes evidence-based findings about how current levels of translation, commercialisation and collaboration in Australia could be improved and examines how international models could be applied in Australia.


7 Oct 2015

Australia is at an economic and productivity crossroads. In an era of sweeping change, other nations are seizing the future with investments in higher education, research, innovation and skills.

Australia now faces a stark choice: we either make our own investment—or we fall behind...

Journal article

29 Sep 2015

This paper explores the contribution of a physical learning space to student engagement in social work education. Drawing on a constructivist methodology, this paper examines the findings of a survey conducted with students and staff in a social work and human service programme about their...


30 Mar 2015

Executive summary

The continuation of Australia’s economic growth is under threat. In order to sustain the levels of prosperity we have previously experienced, we have to build on our competitive edge in key industries to remain globally competitive. Alongside these developments, Australia’s higher...


1 Feb 2015

This evaluation concludes that if New Zealand government funding was not available, without a commensurate increase in budget from Cook Island Government or other sources, current activities could not be sustained or progress to achieve desired outcomes maintained.

Journal article

19 Mar 2013

This article is a case study of an integrated, experiential approach to improving pre-service teachers’ understanding and use of educational technologies in one New Zealand teacher education programme. The study examines the context, design and implementation of a learning activity which integrated student-centred approaches, experiential...



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