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14 Oct 2018

This report examines the availability and discoverability of Australian film and television content on Netflix and Stan. It builds on findings from a 2017 pilot study, produced for the Department of Communications’ Australian Screen and Children’s Content Review.


1 Mar 2018

This Pew Research Center survey of American adults finds that the social media landscape in early 2018 is defined by a mix of long-standing trends and newly emerging narratives.


15 Dec 2017

This report is designed to help the industry understand its audience, and to inform anyone interested in the place that screen stories have in a modern, online Australia.


28 Jun 2016

Growth around online video news seems to have been largely driven by technology, publishers and platforms, rather than strong consumer demand, a new report from the Reuters Institute finds – but breaking news events may hold clues to success.

The report explores the explosion...


7 Apr 2016

Traditional television viewing is falling, and the rapid rise of online video viewing continues. If television news providers fail to respond to these profound shifts in how people use media, they risk eventually becoming irrelevant, a new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study...


29 Jan 2016

Geoblocking and Global Video Culture explores the cultural implications of access control and circumvention in an age of VPNs. Featuring seventeen chapters from diverse critical positions and locations – including China, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Cuba, Brazil, USA, Sweden and Australia.

Contributors: Ramon Lobato,...

Blog post

2 Dec 2015

The ACMA Communications report 2014–15 confirms that Australians are engaging more deeply online with multiple devices, performing a greater number of activities and going online more often.

The communications industry’s ongoing infrastructure investment continues to build and support internet-enabled communications in Australia. Over-the-top (OTT)...


1 Dec 2015

The ACMA's annual Communications report provides valuable insights into Australia's media and communications environment. How do we like to communicate? What's changing? How are we embracing new technology? Get the facts from the researchacma team.


16 Nov 2015

This snapshot takes a close look at subscription video on demand (SVOD) services in Australia, including the take-up, use and satisfaction with these services. It looks at time spent using these services and provides insights into why SVOD services are seen to be attractive, particularly...


1 Sep 2015

Has the launch of new streaming services in Australia had an impact on the ways Australians access digital content or is a punitive regulatory approach necessary to reduce piracy?

In November 2014, CHOICE conducted its first survey examining consumer behaviour online and the main...


20 Aug 2015

ACMA has published this guide with general information about SVOD services.

Our appetite for subscription video on demand (SVOD) services—commonly known as ‘streaming’—is growing exponentially. Since early 2015, almost two million Australians have subscribed to SVOD services.

To help you make informed choices...


16 Apr 2012

Online video has grown rapidly in recent years. One in five Australians (14 years and over) reported viewing online video via a PC 'in the last four weeks' in 2010, nearly double the figure in 2008, according to Roy Morgan. Other researchers estimate much higher...



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