Discussion paper

1 Feb 2019

Nick Dyrenfurth argues that for too long statistics have been hiding the real economic story. Consider the latest unemployment data - ostensibly good news. But ask anyone who is working or looking for work and you’ll hear a different story.


20 Sep 2018

This report paints a picture of unemployment and employment services in Australia in 2018. It is based on four complementary pieces of research that have been combined to present a full picture of the main employment service in Australia - jobactive.


14 Sep 2018

This report looks behind the headline unemployment statistics to reveal who is affected, why it’s no easy matter for most unemployed people to secure a job, and the disturbing growth in long-term unemployment. It also look at the chances people on unemployment payments have of...


25 Jun 2018

This publication focuses on the proportion of underemployment for part-time workers. It brings in underemployment rates and levels to provide context. It explores personal, household and job variables, to build a picture of who the underemployed people are.


6 Jun 2018

This paper examines trends in the employment rate of Indigenous Australians and how these trends vary by demographic and geographic characteristics, with a particular focus on changes between 2011 and 2016.


31 May 2018

This guide provides a brief overview of youth unemployment, an introduction to the key concepts and terminology used, and lists relevant data sources.


1 Feb 2018

A new strategy would start by recognising that the market alone can’t help many jobless Australians find work, writes Rob Sturrock.


28 Sep 2017

Looks at the number and structure of jobless households in New Zealand, and examines some of the characteristics of the individuals living in these households.



18 Sep 2017

The results of the combined Australia Institute Tasmania and Unions Tasmania’s jobs survey are in and they spotlight underemployment and unpaid work as key issues for respondents.


14 Aug 2017

The phenomenon of the rapidly growing cohort of American men who are out of work is not unique to the United States. Australia, it seems, has its own silent crisis in male employment.


8 Aug 2017

This guide provides a brief overview of the youth unemployment data available for small geographic areas.


12 Jul 2017

This audit assessed whether the Department of Employment effectively designed and monitors the progress of the jobactive program.

Working paper

29 May 2017

This paper analyses the longer term impacts of involuntary job loss of workers subsequent employment, earnings, and income support in New Zealand.


3 May 2017

The once mighty Fairfax media company is taking the axe to its newsrooms across the country. It will cut about 125 journalists at The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age in Melbourne The Australian Financial Review, and websites Brisbane Times and WAToday.

That is on...


28 Oct 2016

When the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released the September Labour Force Survey data, shadow minister for employment and workplace relations Brendan O'Connor said the labour market participation rate was in “free fall” and that “people have stopped looking for work”. Is that right?...



27 Oct 2016

Since 2014, SVA has been incubating a model for demand-led employment called the Industry Employment Initiative (IEI). The model aims to create sustainable employment for disadvantaged job seekers, while helping employers meet their recruitment needs and corporate responsibility objectives.

Incubating the IEI has highlighted...

Working paper

21 Oct 2016

Surveys have errors. Tax data errors are rare, but they still matter.

This paper analyses measurement error in the classification of employment. We show that the true employment rate and time-invariant error rates can be identified, given access to two measures of employment with...



13 Sep 2016

The nature of the Australian labour force has changed drastically in a very short time. In the late 1970s, eight in 10 workers had full-time jobs. Today, only 65 per cent of workers are considered to be in full-time work. Jobs are now increasingly casual...

Blog post

26 Aug 2016

This blog post argues that previous reforms of the income support system, coupled with a stable unemployment rate, have been successful in reducing dependence on welfare for the working age population.



10 Aug 2016

The Reserve Bank of Australia, like central bankers around the world, is sailing in uncharted waters. In its recent Monetary Policy Report the RBA acknowledged inflation will not likely recover to its target range (between 2 and 3 per cent) until 2019, despite record-low interest...



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