Briefing paper

27 Mar 2018

Optimising early childhood development requires a holistic approach to policy, programs and services that builds understanding of this important period and advances integrated polices and evidence-informed practices.


26 Oct 2017

Australia’s mothers and babies 2015—in brief presents key statistics and trends on pregnancy and childbirth of mothers, and the characteristics and outcomes of their babies.

Data portal

26 Oct 2017

These dynamic data displays provide an overview of mothers and babies, maternal demographics, the antenatal period, labour and birth, and baby outcomes.


4 Oct 2017

Australia's 12 million females experience varying health outcomes across population characteristics like Indigenous status, remoteness, socioeconomic disadvantage and age.

Journal article

1 Oct 2017

This article describes the technical basis of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), and compares the performance characteristics of NIPT with existing screening tests.

Journal article

15 May 2017

This Canadian study seeks to discuss the link between gestational diabetes to outdoor air temperatures.

Journal article

23 Jan 2017



Dietary intake of pregnant women do not appear to meet the dietary recommendations. Nutrition knowledge and practices of pregnant women and their antenatal care clinicians are factors that may be influential on dietary intakes of pregnant women.



Working paper

4 Jul 2016

This working paper analyses 11 years of national hospitalisation data to derive the estimated rate of peripartum hysterectomy in Australia in recent years and examine the rates of diagnoses for particular conditions contributing to peripartum hysterectomy. This is part of the National Maternity Data Development...


24 Feb 2016


In recent times the options available to women for antenatal care and birth have expanded. This includes the provision of more midwifery-led care models. This diversification creates a need for common terminology in describing and comparing these models and the outcomes for...


1 Jan 2016

This thesis uses a complexity thinking approach to investigate the implementation of development strategies to improve maternal health taking the province of East New Britain, in Papua New Guinea, as a case study. A key global strategy for improving maternal and neonatal health is that...


31 Dec 2015

In Australia, violence against women is a serious public health and social problem with substantial numbers of women and children affected (Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], 2013). Many instances of violence go unreported and it is therefore not possible to measure the true extent of...


1 Nov 2015

Explores the perceived need and demand for a therapeutic community style model to support young women who become pregnant either while they are in out of home care, or upon their transition from care.

Executive Summary Children and young people in out of...


15 Oct 2015

Previous research has found that pregnant women and women in the early years of parenthood now often turn to digital media sources of information and support. One recent form of digital media to which they have access is the mobile software applications (‘apps’) available for...

Journal article

30 Sep 2015

Advances in geographic information systems (GIS) and increased availability of routinely collected data have the potential to contribute to public health and health services research.

The aim of this feasibility study was to explore the use of GIS to measure access to general practices...


17 Sep 2015


This second report on the health indicators in the National Partnership Agreement on Indigenous Early Childhood Development finds areas of improvement as well as areas of concern in the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and mothers.



2 Sep 2015

This report presents findings on the impact of maternity quality and safety programmes in New Zealand.


Local maternity quality and safety programmes have been operating in each district health board (DHB) since 2012 and have raised the profile of maternity quality...


18 Aug 2015

This report discusses barriers to, and opportunities for, the collection of data on screening for domestic violence during pregnancy.


Domestic violence (DV), defined in this paper as 'acts of violence that occur between people who have, or have had, an intimate...


12 Aug 2015

New research funded by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) and undertaken by the University of Canberra’s News and Media Research Centre, titled 'Conversations about alcohol and pregnancy', has found that women receive and actively interpret contradictory information about the risks of drinking...


30 Jun 2015

Overview: Thalidomide was an over-the-counter ‘wonder drug’, marketed to pregnant women in the 1950s and 1960s to treat morning sickness and anxiety. Lyn Rowe was born in Melbourne in 1962 with no arms and no legs after her mother took the drug during her...



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