5 Mar 2019

The chapters in this publication are written by subject-matter experts. The intention is to shed light on the major developments in their fields over the past 12 months, and to include an outlook for the following year. Each chapter and the yearbook in its entirety...


21 Feb 2019

This report argues that the frequency of terrorist incidents in Indonesia has reached a plateau, but the growing influence of extremism will prove to be difficult to manage. However, separatism, especially in West Papua, could prove to be a major security hurdle in the longer...


14 Feb 2019

This paper argues that the fear of a foreign invasion has driven post-Revolutionary Iran to pursue active contacts with terrorist organisations, but Tehran has also worked closely with Washington against al-Qaeda and in post-invasion Iraq.


10 Feb 2019

Results from the Pew Research Center’s Spring 2018 Global Attitudes Survey, conducted in 26 nations, show that worries about ISIS and North Korea persist, as fears about American power grow.

Briefing paper

6 Feb 2019

This paper argues that the United States should pursue an exit strategy that is based on realistic timelines, supports a viable peace process that achieves a legitimate, representative Afghan government, seeks to protect the political and social gains made over almost 20 years, and provides...


5 Dec 2018

This is the sixth edition of the Global Terrorism Index. The report provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism over the last 20 years, covering the period from the beginning of 1998 to the end of 2017.


5 Jun 2018

This special report aims to explain the persistent and enduring allure of al-Qaedaism as an ideology that is apocalyptic and conspiratorial.


22 May 2018

This special report reviews and assesses potential terrorism hotspots in the Indo-Pacific region and offers some policy recommendations for the Australian government.


27 Mar 2018

This flagship ASPI publication is a comprehensive resource for academics and policymakers to build on their knowledge of counterterrorism developments in countries and regions around world.


26 Feb 2018

By bringing together senior-level policymakers, experts and political decision-makers from the counterterrorism arena in Europe and Australia, this dialogue, already in its third iteration, created a space for thought-provoking, stimulating exchanges of ideas and expertise that form the basis for innovative approaches and new initiatives....

Annual Report

4 Dec 2017

Reviews the activities of the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor, tasked with assessing the appropriateness or effectiveness of Australia's national security laws, for the reporting period between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017.


27 Nov 2017

Examines extremism in the Philippines by looking at seven suspects arrested in connection with the September 2016 bombing in Davao, and assess their patterns of recruitment and radicalisation, training, financing and coordination with other parts of the pro-ISIS coalition, especially with the Maute brothers who...


22 Nov 2017

This regional risk assessment was coordinated by AUSTRAC, Bank Negara Malaysia and Indonesia’s financial intelligence unit Pusat Pelaporan dan Analisis Transaksi Keuangan (PPATK). It examines terrorism financing (TF) risks facing non-profit organisations (NPOs) in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asian countries.

This assessment aims...


Measuring and understanding the impact of terrorism
20 Nov 2017

This is the fifth edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI). The report provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism over the last 17 years in covering the period from the beginning of 2000 to the end of 2016....


20 Nov 2017

This statement describes the Victorian Government’s response to the threat of terrorism.


20 Nov 2017

This report examined the full spectrum of policies and programs intended to address emerging risks of violent extremism, or to respond rapidly to risks after they have eventuated, and made 26 recommendations.

Discussion paper

16 Nov 2017

Rodger Shanahan and John Blaxland argue about whether Australia should maintain military operations in the Arabian Peninsula or focus on threats closer to home.

Journal article

18 Oct 2017

This article examines an alleged terrorist plot uncovered in Sydney in late July 2017 and assesses its implications for the Islamic State’s approach to external operations.

Annual Report

17 Oct 2017

This is the public version of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation's annual report, providing insight into ASIO’s outcomes and activities


4th Edition
15 Oct 2017

Australia’s National Counter-Terrorism Plan outlines the arrangements, governance and operational responsibilities of Australian governments and agencies engaged in countering terrorism.

It sits below and complements Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy and sets the framework for preventative activities, the response to, investigation of, and recovery from, terrorist...



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