Natural disasters


Our Plan to protect Australia and keep Australians safe
11 Feb 2019

A plan launched by Prime Minister Scott Morrison which "sets out plainly what a re-elected Morrison Liberal Nationals Government will continue to do to keep Australians safe and secure".


7 Feb 2019

A decade after Black Saturday, with record floods in Queensland, severe bushfires in Tasmania and Victoria, widespread heatwaves and drought, and a crisis in the Murray-Darling Basin, it is timely to reflect on the state of adaptation policy and practice in Australia.


6 Feb 2019

As many Australians already believe, this report finds that climate change is increasing the frequency and/or severity of extreme weather and that Australians are suffering as a result.

Draft report

10 Jan 2019

The goal of this program is to improve Indonesia's management of disaster risks and to strengthen cooperation between Australia and Indonesia's on regional humanitarian issues.


12 Dec 2018

The National Drought Agreement sets out a joint approach to drought preparedness, response and recovery. It replaces the Intergovernmental Agreement on National Drought Program Reform.


26 Oct 2018

Tropical Cyclone Evan passed over Samoa on 13-14 December 2012 and caused widespread damage. This report evaluates the Tropical Cyclone Evan Recovery and Rehabilitation Programme (TCRRP), which was implemented as budget support, and the Tourism Cyclone Recovery Programme (TCRP) which was implemented as a program....


Handbook 16
7 Sep 2018

In an emergency, the provision of public information and warnings plays a significant role in making people and communities safer. Timely, targeted and tailored information and warnings empower people to make informed decisions, to take protective action, and to reduce the potential impacts and consequences...

Working paper

30 Jul 2018

Climate change appears to be increasing the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events, negatively affecting communities as well as posing long-term sustainability challenges to insurance (risk transfer) mechanisms.


18 Jul 2018

More must be done to protect women, men and children from sexual and gender-based violence after disasters, say the authors of this report.

Discussion paper

17 Jul 2018

Addressing climate change risks and impacts remains an urgent, significant challenge for the emergency management sector, despite concerted effort from various agencies. Member agencies are already feeling the impacts of climate change and experiencing first-hand how communities are being affected.

Journal article

17 Jul 2018

This article is of a comparative study of social adaptation in the Cyclone Winston disaster case in Fiji and rob flooding in Semarang, Indonesia. In February 2016, the largest tropical storm in the Southern Hemisphere, Cyclone Winston, struck Fiji and caused severe damage and loss...

Journal article

17 Jul 2018

This study explores the recovery experiences of survivors of a flash flood event, five years after a natural disaster in South East Queensland. In-depth interviews were conducted with 33 of the original cohort of 120 post-disaster interviewees who experienced sudden traumatic bereavement and/or their own...

Journal article

17 Jul 2018

This article presents an analysis of how social media was used during Tropical Cyclone Winston, the strongest recorded tropical storm that left a wake of destruction and devastation in Fiji during February 2016. Social media is increasingly being used in crises and disasters as an...

Briefing paper

12 Jun 2018

The function of insurance in our community is highlighted in Australian natural disasters. Insurance in natural disasters has been in sharp focus since at least 2010. The variety, frequency, severity of natural disasters and catastrophes in Australia create unique challenges for the community, policyowners and...


6 Jun 2018

The New Zealand government has received a report outlining the need for a wide range of reforms to speed up the resolution of outstanding Eathquake Commission (EQC) claims. The report reveals sizeable issues with staffing levels, data quality, record keeping and organisational culture and structure...


16 Feb 2018

Floods, droughts and more frequent extreme weather patterns are the main climate change effects Indonesia faces, and it stands to have a severe effect on food and water security for the country.

Policy report

25 Jan 2018

The Christchurch earthquakes provided a few more important lessons for policy. The government must plan ahead to make post-disaster recovery simpler and it must avoid creating the prolonged policy and regulatory uncertainty that hindered Christchurch’s recovery.


18 Jan 2018

This report, the result of a ministerial review, provides advice to the minister on the most appropriate operational and legislative mechanisms to support effective responses to natural disasters and other emergencies in New Zealand.


18 Jan 2018

More record-breaking heat was experienced around the world in 2017, with the year joining 2014, 2015 and 2016 as the four hottest years ever recorded in the 138-year global temperature archive.



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