Public opinion

Briefing paper

1 Nov 2019

This briefing presents an overview of the key features of migration and asylum policy in the UK, recent trends in migration patterns, and public perceptions and political narratives on refugees and other migrants.

Briefing paper

2 Jul 2019

Common Futures Conversations is a collaboration between Chatham House and the Robert Bosch Stiftung, which aims to facilitate political dialogue among young people from Africa and Europe.


Findings from the 2017 National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS)
22 May 2019

This report presents key findings from the 2017 National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey, focusing on results for young Australians aged 16-24. It also presents the reflections of young people on the findings.


10 Apr 2019

Results of surveying people in the United States and Australia, to understand what we think of socialism.


21 Feb 2019

This report presents an initial snapshot of public opinion in Australia regarding schools and schooling, including an examination of differences between voters of the main political parties, between parents and non-parents, people living in different areas, and those with different educational backgrounds.


The Northern Territory’s domestic, family and sexual violence reduction framework 2018-2028
14 Feb 2019

This first action plan focuses on the first phase of implementation, explaining how the NT government will implement the strategies outlined in the framework. Building on and complementing the range of positive activities that are already underway, the key focus areas for the next three...


Summary of a survey of 6500 women by the Australian Conservation Foundation and 1 Million Women
8 Feb 2019

A new survey of 6,500 Australian women’s views on climate change shows women will change their lives and votes for climate action. Almost nine in ten are ‘extremely concerned’ and one in three in the under-30 bracket are so worried that they are re-considering having...


6 Feb 2019

The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that trust has changed profoundly in the past year — people have shifted their trust to the relationships within their control, most notably their employers.

Trust Inequality

There is a 16-point gap between the more trusting...


The report of the Knight Commission on Trust, Media and Democracy
5 Feb 2019

This report aims to articulate the reasons for the growing distrust in American institutions, to re-envision news media that will be fair, truthful and responsible, and to catalyze citizens to participate in civic life.


22 Jan 2019

This report presents one of the first accounts of public opinion in Australia regarding digital technology and schools.


5 Dec 2018

Over the past four years UC-IGPA and MoAD have conducted a range of quantitative surveys with the Social Research Institute at Ipsos on the relationship between trust in the political system and attitudes towards democracy. This report updates our findings from 2014 and 2016.

Blog post

5 Dec 2018

The National Community Attitudes toward Violence against Women Survey (NCAS) is the world’s longest-running survey of community attitudes towards violence against women. Results from the latest survey are mixed; levels of awareness have generally risen but there are still areas of concern.

NCAS is...


5 Dec 2018

We are witnessing a growing trust divide in Australia which has increased in scope and intensity since 2007. The purpose of this briefing paper is to provide a general understanding of how other democracies are seeking to bridge the trust divide. It explores the nature...


4 Dec 2018

This report presents the findings of the eleventh Scanlon Foundation Mapping Social Cohesion survey. For the first time in Australia, the surveys enable annual tracking of public opinion on social cohesion, immigration and population issues.


Findings from the 2017 National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS)
30 Nov 2018

This report documents findings from the National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS) and considers them in the context of other related research. It has been written for an audience interested in greater detail about the concepts measured in the survey, survey findings...


30 Nov 2018

This report has been written to document the methods used in the redevelopment of the survey instrument, data collection and analysis. It has been written for an audience with an interest in the detailed methodology used and assumes a knowledge of basic research and statistical...


Stakeholder engagement kit
30 Nov 2018

The National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS) 2017 reveals Australians' knowledge of, and attitudes towards, violence against women and gender equality. This Stakeholder Kit provides materials to support individuals and organisations to understand and communicate and the findings of the NCAS.

Policy report

18 Nov 2018

This paper discusses the findings of specially commissioned polling that explores the attitudes of ‘elites’ and ‘ordinary’ Australians to the issue that has caused the UK and US to ‘come apart’ - immigration.

Audio interview

17 Oct 2018

The latest Australian Values Study from ANU and the Social Research Centre suggests younger Australians may be more willing to flirt with authoritarianism than prior generations. Study co-author, Jill Sheppard, speaks with Linda Mottram.


Australia’s voice in the World Values Survey
16 Oct 2018

Since 1981, the World Values Survey has tracked changes in the values and beliefs of citizens in 97 countries, including Australia. These surveys have identified considerable change in what people want out of life and what they believe.



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