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7 Mar 2019

The foundation of the Australian higher education system is built on two broad principles. The first is that they exist for the betterment of the nation. The second is that the doors of universities and other higher education institutions are open to everyone.


5 Mar 2019

A nationwide initiative by the NCSEHE, led by Dr Nadine Zacharias and Mr Matt Brett, has informed fundamental principles for shaping an equitable higher education system moving into the next decade.


1 Mar 2019

Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association is working towards better recognition of the myriad practices occurring in teaching and research by screen production academics nationally and aims to work more closely with policy makers to better support screen production inputs and outputs in the...


Post-forum report: February 2019
28 Feb 2019

This forum sought to build effective collaborations amongst participants, leading to new initiatives to increase access to, participation in, and successful transitions out of higher education, not only for recently resettled refugees in Australia, but also for displaced communities in the region.


27 Feb 2019

The purpose of this report is to outline key initiatives by universities to improve Indigenous higher education participation and success and deepen relationships and knowledge in institutions. The report draws on 2017 sector-wide statistics and qualitative information provided by universities in survey responses.


11 Feb 2019

To prepare students for their future careers, Future Ready focuses on the importance of building the skills and general capabilities they will need in the workplace, strengthening school and employer collaboration, and developing students' career management and navigation skills.


8 Feb 2019

This report offers leaders across the globe an opportunity to keep abreast with international trends on the student digital experience – an increasingly important aspect in a complex digital world where education is not bound by geographical borders.


1 Feb 2019

This report into Australia's tertiary education system identifies the formidable challenges that need to be addressed to deliver better outcomes for the country. It makes recommendations that may add greater coherence to the policy framework which controls all post-secondary education in Australia.


An overview of Australian higher education provider responses to the issue of sexual assault and sexual harassment
25 Jan 2019

This report presents TEQSA’s analysis of the responses and information on the websites of 42 universities and 126 independent and TAFE higher education providers. The report explains the method by which the analysis was undertaken, and details the actions TEQSA is taking to support provider...


21 Jan 2019

This paper argues that Indigenous university participation and attainment has failed to keep pace with non-Indigenous growth. As a result, there is a large and growing gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous university attendance and attainment of qualifications at degree level and above.


11 Jan 2019

The 2018 GOS was primarily conducted as a national online survey among 102 higher education institutions including all 41 Table A and B universities and 61 Non-University Higher Education Institutions (NUHEIs). A total of 120,564 valid survey responses were collected across all study levels, representing...


28 Dec 2018

Tensions between the government and the university sector ran high in 2018, with the government cutting funding to student places and research and a big push back from universities.


27 Dec 2018

This report examines the way in which the history of Australia is currently being taught in Australian universities. It is based on a systematic review of all 147 Australian history subjects taught in 2018 at the 35 Australian universities that offer programs of study in history.

Discussion paper

20 Dec 2018

The Minister for Education has appointed an Expert Advisory Group with expertise and understanding of regional communities’ needs, education and training, economic development and industry engagement.

The Terms of Reference for the Expert Advisory Group are to:

build on the work of the...


19 Dec 2018

The Department of Education and Training has recently released higher education enrolment statistics for 2017. These show a striking increase in the share of commencing overseas students to all commencing students for all Australian universities from 26.7 per cent in 2016 to 28.9 per cent...


17 Dec 2018

The IPA's audit of academic freedom pits people either for or against universities. This prevents us from having thorough conversations about real threats to academic freedom.


10 Dec 2018

This report recommends that universities abolish concerning policies, introduce policies that safeguard free intellectual inquiry and sign on to the University of Chicago’s sector-leading statement on free expression.


7 Dec 2018

Like all rankings, the UK's Research Excellence Framework (REF) has its share of shortcomings and moreover could be a damaging exercise for the humanities.

Discussion paper

5 Dec 2018

This inquiry has some big considerations to explore, some of which are set out in this discussion paper. These include the way in which Australia continues to define its higher education providers and universities, how to signal differentiation across the sector, and how to optimises...

Discussion paper

23 Nov 2018

The IRU recently published a discussion paper, Towards a tertiary future , outlining our vision for tertiary education in Australia.

This supplemental paper has now been published by the IRU, digging further into Longitudinal Survey of Australian Youth (LSAY) data around applications, acceptances and...



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