1 Aug 2018

This is an update of 2016 briefing paper, The Rising Tide of Insecure Employment 2016 . Like the 2016 version, this paper provides an analysis of the most recent Australian university staffing data utilising a variety of sources.

This updated analysis shows that the...


23 Oct 2017

These 'Categories for the description of works of art' (CDWA) were created by the Art Information Task Force (AITF), a group of art historians, museum curators and registrars, visual resource professionals, art librarians, information managers and technical specialists brought together in the early 1990s by...

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7 Nov 2016


It is almost twelve months since the Productivity Commission completed its Inquiry Report into Workplace Relations.

The Government has yet to formally respond and given the nature of the topic, that is probably understandable.

We can all hope that the...


18 Oct 2016

With low levels of inflation and wages growth, the statistics show it's becoming harder for Australians to advance into a higher pay bracket. The new Reserve Bank Governor is obviously concerned about it because it was a central theme in his first formal speech in...


15 Oct 2016

Executive summary

The nature of work is changing. While our parents and grandparents could once expect to get a job directly out of high school and keep it for life, today’s workers cannot. Technology is partly to blame for this. Bill Gates has...



4 Oct 2016

THE “problem” of population ageing has been a staple of political pontification for decades. In fact, the main points covered in the average think-piece on the topic were old hat well before many of us were born. The great French demographer Alfred Sauvy discussed most...


20 May 2016

The Australian Greens believe that:

Australia must have a fair and equitable industrial relations system for all workers All people must have the right to pursue their wellbeing in conditions of freedom and dignity, economic security and equal opportunity Australia’s workforce must possess a...


18 Apr 2016

Analyses the links between mental health and two alternative workplace productivity measures– absenteeism and presenteeism.

Abstract Much of the economic cost of mental illness stems from workers’ reduced productivity. We analyze the links between mental health and two alternative workplace productivity measures –...


18 Nov 2015


Work life balance is more of an aspiration than a reality for many Australians. Unpaid overtime is commonplace in many Australian workplaces with more than half of all workers stating they worked unpaid overtime in the week leading up to the survey....


24 Aug 2015

Economic changes are transforming work through automation, globalisation, and more flexible work.


Work has long been important for the livelihood, dignity, and happiness of humankind. We intuitively and statistically know that work helps us meet our most basic and complex needs,...


11 Mar 2015

Abstract: This paper provides a brief overview of the current teacher workforce situation in Australia. It highlights workforce trends and projected growth, and areas where the collection and analysis of additional data may assist in the targeting of effective policy.

Demand for teachers...


4 Mar 2015

This report argues that health and employment services should intervene earlier, involve key stakeholders and ensure they work together in order to help people with mental-health issues find work and stay in a job.


Provides a synthesis of the findings of...

Literature review

26 Feb 2015

Overview: This paper summarises literature on unemployment, mental health and Work for the Dole programs. Australian and international evidence suggests that unemployed young people are more likely to experience mental health problems than employed people (e.g. greater anxiety and depression, higher suicide rates). Drawing...


22 Feb 2015

As part of a Background Briefing series on mental illness in the work place, Di Martin spoke to Justice Shane Marshall of the Federal Court. In an Australian first, the judge spoke candidly about his struggles with depression and the mental health issues that face...


5 Feb 2015

This paper aims to enhance understanding of the features of optimal return to work practices following traumatic brain and spinal cord injury and identify barriers and facilitators to their implementation.

Executive summary

People with catastrophic injuries face many long-term challenges in the...

Journal article

20 Nov 2014

Examines the consequences of penalty rates for employment, productivity, profitability and consumer welfare.


As a result of decisions by numerous state and federal commissions and tribunals, most recently the Fair Work Commission, penalty rates have become an important influence on the...


18 Nov 2014

Work/life balance continues to be an issue for many people with only three-out-of-ten people (3.4 million) reporting an improvement in the past five years, according to this report.

Introduction Former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard described work/life balance as a "BBQ-stopper" in...


13 Nov 2014

This research diagnoses the challenges relating to the future of the public service workforce, and identifies some of the potential solutions to these challenges.


Much has been written about public services in recent years, but the one constant within this vast...



6 Nov 2014

In the workplace, more so than society in general, mental illness continues to lurk quietly and relatively freely, writes Sam Ryan.


The workplace is a breeding ground for mental illness stigma: where increasing pressure (203) creates and exacerbates stress, and increasing...


30 Oct 2014

Technological, economic and demographic changes have contributed to what we now accept as a 24/7 economy and the ‘standard model’ of working nine to five Monday to Friday, is generally no longer considered standard (Presser, 2003). For example, a shift from a manufacturing-based economy to...



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