Post-forum report: February 2019
28 Feb 2019

This forum sought to build effective collaborations amongst participants, leading to new initiatives to increase access to, participation in, and successful transitions out of higher education, not only for recently resettled refugees in Australia, but also for displaced communities in the region.


28 Feb 2019

We won’t solve the biggest challenges if they’re not reflected in the work we do, writes Frances Flanagan.

Discussion paper

31 Jan 2019

This discussion paper outlines the nature of insecure work in Australia. It defines how we got here, and what the impact of such widespread workplace insecurity is on Australia’s workers and its economy.


Australia’s 2013-18 job creation in historical perspective
30 Jan 2019

This paper reviews Australia’s job-creation record over the past five years, on the basis of year-end employment data recently published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Its aim is to evaluate claims that the pace of employment creation during that period (with 1.1 million net...

Discussion paper

21 Jan 2019

The Productivity Commission has been asked to undertake an inquiry into the role of mental health in supporting social and economic participation, and enhancing productivity and economic growth. This issues paper outlines a range of issues on which the commission is seeking information and feedback....

Policy report

A 'Canada Next: 12 ways to get ahead of disruption' report
21 Jan 2019

Canada’s labour market will not have the skilled workers it needs unless it changes the way it trains workers today, argues this report. The country needs to change its approach to education, training and skills development in order to close the skills gap.

Other text

12 Jan 2019

This open access annotated bibliography has been curated by a collective of scholars who share an interest in the impacts of forced migration on people from refugee, asylum seeking and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) migrant backgrounds.

Working paper

7 Jan 2019

This paper describes and tries to reconcile trends in alternative work arrangements in the United States using data from the Contingent Worker Survey supplements to the Current Population Survey (CPS) for 1995 to 2017, the 2015 RAND-Princeton Contingent Work Survey (CWS), and administrative tax data...


Final report on the Given the Chance for Asylum Seekers program
18 Dec 2018

The Given the Chance for Asylum Seekers program acted as a ‘bridge’ to employment for asylum seekers, circumventing some of the challenges of constrained visa conditions and barriers in mainstream recruitment. This final report examines the employment trajectories of program participants.

Working paper

15 Dec 2018

Export employment is a subset of tradable sector employment. The tradable sector is that part of the New Zealand economy that is directly influenced by international conditions. This paper estimates the number of people directly and indirectly employed throughout New Zealand producing exports.


14 Dec 2018

This report sets out the panel's 11 recommendations on the future of employment services. The panel recommends service delivery to be grounded in digital and supported with face-to-face services for those who need them. They recommend a more user friendly and personalised new system, built...


13 Dec 2018

Australia’s enterprise bargaining system is crumbling rapidly in private sector workplaces, according to the findings in this report from the Centre for Future Work.

Briefing paper

13 Dec 2018

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) has developed this Snapshot to inform policy and decision makers about the workforce characteristics and diversity of people and communities that contribute to Australian agriculture.


9 Dec 2018

This report explores how predictive tools affect equity throughout the entire hiring process. It examines some popular tools that many employers currently use, and offers recommendations for further scrutiny and reflection. It concludes that without active measures to mitigate them, bias will arise in predictive...

Briefing paper

Policy brief on the future of work
7 Dec 2018

Labour markets are undergoing major transformations as a result of globalisation, technological and demographic changes. The digital revolution, in particular, is promoting new forms of employment mediated by online platforms. The scale and scope of these changes are hard to assess because conventional labour market...

Working paper

30 Nov 2018

Coal mine closure is, in large part, about mitigating impacts on people and communities. This report outlines “Just Transition for All” principles that can achieve meaningful outcomes for mine-affected communities.


29 Nov 2018

The new work reality

For at least the past century, the prospect of a good job that pays a fair wage has been part of Australia’s promise to our young people. Australia has experienced relatively strong economic growth, high wages and relatively low...


How behavioural insights can improve employment policies and programmes
28 Nov 2018

This report looks at the available evidence and draws out the broader insights learned from the work that BIT and others have done in this space, with an eye to what is practical and universal. Its objective is to give policymakers and researchers around the...


15 Nov 2018

At a time when all jobs, whether in a coffee shop or a bank, can seemingly be described as creative, you’d be forgiven for thinking the word had lost all meaning in the labour market. However, this first piece of research from the Creative Industries...

Journal article

15 Nov 2018

This paper examines the impacts of the flagship of the sharing economy—Uber—on workers employed in conventional taxi services.



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