1 Mar 2019

Providing information on each Australian state and territory's merchandise and services trade with the world, for each state/territory, trade data is presented by level of processing, major merchandise export and import commodities, major merchandise trading partners and regions; and services trade data is also presented...


27 Sep 2018

This report highlights the importance of Australia’s effective and successful plant and animal biosecurity systems and border protection services to our wellbeing and economy, and adds a further perspective on new and emerging threats that need to be addressed.


9 Jul 2018

This compendium of statistics on merchandise exports and imports analyses the growth, direction and commodity breakdown of Australia's trade over the past three years.

Discussion paper

A government discussion document
1 May 2018

This discussion document outlines the details of the government’s proposed offshore supplier registration (OSR) system, as it relates to GST on low-value, imported goods.


1 Dec 2017

This report makes recommendations aimed at maximising the competitiveness of the Australian steel industry and levelling the playing field so that Australian steel has the best opportunity to compete fairly in an increasingly globalised market.


9 Nov 2017

This report looks at the legislated model is the best available collection model to extend the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to low value imported goods, and to consider any practical improvements to support its implementation.


12 Sep 2017

Presents detailed statistical information on Australia's trade balance.

Discussion paper

28 Jul 2017

This paper highlights key issues and outlines preliminary views for an inquiry into the collection of GST on low value imported goods.

Discussion paper

28 Jul 2017

The Productivity Commission sees the main purpose for this inquiry as being to check that the legislated model is the best means to extend the GST to low value imported goods, and to identify any practical improvements to support effective implementation.


22 Jun 2017

This Senate Committee report looks at the biosecurity risks associated with the importation of seafood and seafood products (including uncooked prawns and uncooked prawn meat) into Australia.


15 Feb 2017

Australian Trade by State and Territory 2015-16 presents international trade statistics for each state andterritory of Australia as collected by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and theAustralian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Fact sheet

15 Nov 2016

For more than a decade, people whose job it is to seize and to trace crime guns in Australia have steadily contradicted the unsourced, evidence-free opinion that most illicit firearms are smuggled into the country.


26 May 2016

Essentially, dumping puts Australia companies at a significant disadvantage because they cant compete against these cheap below-cost imports.

Examples of goods which have recently been found to have been dumped in Australia include glass, toilet paper, steel, oranges and preserved mushrooms.

With over...


28 Apr 2016

In the 27 years from 1988 to 2015, Australians imported more than a million guns. Many of these replaced firearm types prohibited and destroyed during federal firearm buybacks, or surrendered in dozens of state gun amnesties.

This table lists national firearm import totals provided...

Working paper

29 Feb 2016

In 2009, the Productivity Commission conducted a ‘roots and branch’ inquiry into Australia’s anti–dumping system—the first such inquiry in more than two decades. Though recommending that a system be retained, the Commission proposed various changes to make the system less protectionist and thereby reduce its...


7 Aug 2015

Australia’s International Business Survey 2015 (AIBS 2015) is the second in a series of studies of Australia's international business activity. Commissioned by the Export Council of Australia (ECA) with the support of Austrade and EFIC (Export Finance and Insurance Corporation), AIBS 2015 was conducted by...


4 Aug 2015

The authoritative compendium of statistics on merchandise exports and imports, this publication analyses the growth, direction and commodity breakdown of Australia's trade over the past three years. It also includes individual reports showing the composition of trade with Australia's top 25 trading partners and selected...


30 Sep 2008

This report is an independent review of Australia’s quarantine and biosecurity arrangements which outlines a plan to set up a new national authority, bringing together quarantine, biosecurity and parts of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.


5 Jun 2005

This paper examines how distance and economic size influence the level of international trade. Parameters for an international gravity trade model are estimated and used to calculate annual expected aggregate trade for Australia over the last 20 years. This model also includes a new indicator...


23 Dec 2003

This report provides a comprehensive review of the latest information and communication technology trade statistics, and presents a detailed analysis of the evolution of Australia's information and communication technology (ICT) trade over the decade 1992-93 to 2002-03. A detailed Executive Summary is available online.



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