Public hospitals


26 Aug 2019

This report forms a statistical addendum to complement the Health Performance Council’s Revisit review of South Australia’s Palliative Care Services Plan 2009-16.

Journal article

3 Jul 2019

Reproductive abuse is defined as a deliberate attempt to control or interfere with a woman’s reproductive choices. There is a dearth of research on reproductive abuse, particularly qualitative research. This study aims to address this gap by exploring how health practitioners in a large Australian...


20 Jun 2019

This audit examined whether the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and three audited public health services are effectively managing private practice in public hospitals to optimise outcomes for the health sector and Victorians.


23 May 2019

Hospital admissions have risen faster than population growth, and last financial year saw a rise in influenza related hospitalisations, according to this report. There were also relatively high rates of admissions classified as potentially preventable in 2017–18.


17 Apr 2019

This 2019 Public Hospital Report Card shows a public hospital system under pressure.


Report on the cross-site evaluation of Health Justice Partnerships between three metropolitan Melbourne hospitals with Inner Melbourne Community Legal
28 Mar 2019

Medical and legal practitioners have had a shared understanding for many years that the integration of services improves access to justice for vulnerable people. The view that access to legal assistance within a hospital is beneficial to the patient is supported by the findings of...

Case study

27 Mar 2019

This case study looks at the use of Public Private Partnerships in the construction of the Royal Adelaide Hospital by the South Australian government.


5 Mar 2019

This report presents the findings of the review, and contains recommendations designed to support improvements to the workplace culture across the ACT public health system.


15 Feb 2019

The audit objective was to assess the effectiveness of risk management, data monitoring and public reporting arrangements associated with the Australian Government's funding of public hospital services under the 2011 National Health Reform Agreement.

Briefing paper

4 Feb 2019

Essentially, this Bill aims to improve nurse and midwife to patient ratios in various clinical settings within Victorian public hospitals.


30 Jan 2019

This chapter reports on the performance of governments in providing public hospitals, with a focus on acute care services.


6 Dec 2018

Emergency department care 2017–18: Australian hospital statistics presents information on care provided in public hospital emergency departments between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.


6 Dec 2018

Elective surgery waiting times 2017–18: Australian hospital statistics focuses on information about public hospital elective surgery waiting lists between. It presents information on overall activity, what elective surgery was provided and how long people waited for elective surgery.

Case study

5 Nov 2018

This review is a five‐year revisit of the 2013 report, Improving end of life care for South Australians . That report was a midpoint examination of the implementation of South Australian Health's Palliative care services plan 2009‐16 , which outlined the South Australian government’s commitment...


28 Sep 2018

Australia spent nearly $181 billion on health in 2016–17. This is more than $7,400 per person and 10% of overall economic activity. This represents higher growth in spending than in recent years.


31 Aug 2018

A new agreement on hospital funding has been offered by the federal Government; all but two state governments have signed. This quick guide provides an historical overview of funding arrangements for public hospitals and recent developments. It does not address funding for capital and hospital...


How to improve patient care and save public money at the same time
19 Aug 2018

Australia could save $1.5 billion a year on health spending by improving the safety of patient care in hospitals. Safer hospital care doesn’t just reduce harm to patients, it also saves money for taxpayers.


How to improve patient care and save public money at the same time
19 Aug 2018

A conversation with Stephen Duckett on his latest report. Australia could save $1.5 billion a year on health spending by improving the safety of patient care. Safer hospital care doesn’t just reduce harm to patients, it saves money for taxpayers and frees up beds so...


27 Jun 2018

This report presents an overview of public hospitals in 2016–17, covering the number and types of hospitals and availability of beds. It also describes public hospitals in terms of recurrent expenditure, the number of full-time equivalent staff employed and the types of specialised services provided....


27 Jun 2018

Australia’s hospitals 2016–17 at a glance provides summary information on Australia’s public and private hospitals.



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