Journal article

6 Mar 2019

Overweight and obesity in childhood and adolescence are associated with adverse health consequences throughout the lifecourse. This article outlines the policy actions, governance and accountability mechanisms needed to tackle the global epidemic of childhood obesity.


6 Feb 2019

The World Health Organization estimates that female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) affects over 200 million women and girls across the world. This report provides an indication of the potential number of women and girls living in Australia who may have undergone FGM/C.


17 Jan 2019

The NZ Ministry of Social Development commissioned this research into screen usage in young children (24 months to 54 months). The report finds that only a very small percentage of young children are meeting the national screen-time guidelines for under-5s, resulting in short-term negative outcomes...


3 Dec 2018

This report complements other reports providing data on immunisation coverage in Australia and highlights important trends, as well as policy and program changes in relation to these trends.

Literature review

1 Nov 2018

Knowledge and research are very limited around services and supports which promote successful reunifications. Furthermore, assessments of effectiveness generally use ‘rate of reunification’ as their primary outcome measure and do not monitor program impact after children have been returned. Given the high level of reunification...

Literature review

1 Nov 2018

There is growing evidence that reunifying children with their birth families is often unsuccessful. UK figures suggest that around 30 percent of reunified children will return to care within five years. Insights from evaluations of successful reunification programs are needed to develop effective reunification practices,...

Journal article

8 Oct 2018

Increasing physical activity in settings where less active children are already participating, specifically in school settings and during free time, may have more immediate benefits than encouraging children to be active in new settings.


20 Jun 2018

Australia's health 2018 is the AIHW’s 16th biennial report on the health of Australians. It examines a wide range of contemporary topics in a series of analytical feature articles and short statistical snapshots. The report also summarises the performance of the health system against...

Journal article

31 May 2018

The health of adolescents, perhaps more than in any other period of their life, is shaped by the social determinants of health (SDH). The constellation of SDH that disadvantages a specific group’s health may also make members of that population unable or unwilling to engage...


30 Apr 2018

More Australian children have participated in sport over the past twelve months, but the vast majority are still not meeting recommended activity levels - and parents could be the biggest influence in getting their kids more active.


19 Apr 2018

This report provides the latest, local-level information on four indicators of child and maternal health, nationally and across Australia’s 31 Primary Health Network (PHN) areas. Information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers and babies is included where available.

Journal article

19 Apr 2018

Drawing on a vast array of contemporary publications and previously unexplored archival documents (including Asperger’s personnel files and the clinical assessments he wrote on his patients) Herwig Czech offers a critical examination of Asperger’s life, politics, and career before and during the Nazi period in...


15 Apr 2018

Although the problem of hunger is largely unnoticed in Australian society, more than one in five children (22%) live in a food insecure household.

Journal article

12 Mar 2018

This article examines how health professionals can play a key role in identifying and preventing the recurrence of intentional injury.

Briefing paper

1 Feb 2018

This Research Brief derives from the 2016 Parenting Today in Victoria Study conducted and analysed by the Parenting Research Centre, and funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Journal article

19 Dec 2017

Background: There is growing recognition amongst health and medical research funders and researchers that translation of research into policy and practice needs to increase and that more transparency is needed on how impacts are realised. Several approaches are advocated for achieving this, including co-production of...


15 Dec 2017

This paper presents a review of available literature on problem sexual behaviours (PSBs) and sexually abusive behaviours (SABs) exhibited in Australian children and young people.


1 Dec 2017

This paper describes the number of children entering and leaving care and time taken to reunification. It describes child and family factors that make it more or less likely that reunification will occur.


1 Dec 2017

The safe reunification of children in out-of-home care with their families is the policy priority in every Australian state. However knowledge and research in this area is very limited. This summary outlines research on reunification success rates and the consequences of reunification failure.

Policy report

30 Nov 2017

This Policy Brief outlines a decision-making framework that recognises the importance of the relationship between service providers and clients, and the need for evidence-based interventions to be aligned with client needs, priorities and values.



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