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26 Jul 2018

The social profile and the organizational landscape of Polish diaspora, known as ‘Polonia’, in Australia has been undergoing a significant change: sociodemographic (ageing), sociocultural (diversification) and sociopolitical (integration and assimilation). The ‘wave-type’ immigration (1947-56 and 1980-89), combined with the sudden decline in immigration after Poland’s...


18 Dec 2017

The report is the result of interviews with more than 200 Rohingya refugees living in makeshift camps in Bangladesh, providing an opportunity for some of them to share their stories, hopes and experiences.


23 Mar 2017

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs recommends that the Australian government establish an interdepartmental working group to liaise with Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) groups, so as to identify priority areas to address disadvantage, improve coordination with state governments,...


31 Mar 2016

Country of Origin Information (COI) research is used by decision makers and legal advisers to aid in the answering of questions about the political, social, cultural, economic and human rights situations in countries of origin. The Country Research Branch is responsible for the provision of...


6 Nov 2015

More than any other social policy issue in Australia, the issue of ageing for CALD Australians is one that is not only an imperative but also one in which the data demonstrates the importance of this segment across the breadth of ageing Australia.



28 Oct 2015

Beyond the metropoles: the Asian presence in small city New Zealand examines the impacts and trends of Asian migration in six areas: Invercargill and Southland; Queenstown; Nelson; Napier-Hastings; Rotorua; Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty.

The report provides an overview of demographic change in...


5 Oct 2015

In Britain's highly politicised social climate in the aftermath of the 7/7 London bombings, Young British Muslims: Identity, Culture, Politics and the Media provides an in-depth understanding of British Muslim identity through the following social constructs: migration history, family settlement, socio-economic status, religion and culture,...

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23 Sep 2015

Abstract: Since 1957, Malaysian public life has been organized around a historic conflation of three important political themes: “race, religion and royalty”, or “3R”, all of which are purportedly championed and defended by the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). This article explores how this...

Blog post

4 Aug 2015

An inevitable challenge of analyzing large-scale events of human rights violations (e.g. armed conflict, ethnic riots, violent policing) is the quality of data available. Government data as well as data provided by advocates for victims tend to be biased; governments are likely to undermine the...

Briefing paper

22 Jun 2015

The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV) is the peak advocacy organisation for ethnic and multicultural groups in Victoria. Our policy briefs provide succinct information about key findings from our consultations which range from direct community submissions as well as our own roundtable discussions and...


5 Jun 2015

This submission is informed by several roundtables and community consultations on family violence and elder abuse ECCV has conducted since 2012. These consultations included representatives from ethno-specific family violence services, ethno-specific family and children services, ethno-specific aged care providers, ethno-specific senior groups and representatives from...


30 May 2015

Executive Summary

This report, prepared by a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota for Human Rights Watch (HRW), investigates the use of event-based media monitoring (EMM) to review its application, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and offer suggestions on how HRW...

Discussion paper

5 Apr 2015

This discussion paper highlights the need for a fair and equitable procedure for the recognition of overseas qualifications. It is based on the ECCV community consultation forum Qualified but not Recognised and highlights the participants’ contributions. An overview of the policy context is given, with...

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17 Jul 2014

The civil war in Somalia forced many Somalis to migrate to other countries where they had to adapt to new cultures and learn new languages. At the same time, they retained the identity and culture that were important to them throughout the process of migration....

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1 Dec 2013

Centuries of anti-Arab stigma continue to haunt Franco-Maghrebians, the descendants of ex-colonial French North African migrants born and brought up in France. Franco-Maghrebians’ anti-colonial civic resistances (riots) against decades of segregation are dismissed as evidence of their alleged Islamicization and communitarianism. Focussing on Azouz Begag’s...


15 Dec 2012

An examination of the identity of young Muslims in America

This book presents a journey into the ideas, outlooks and identity of young Muslims in America today. Based on around 400 in-depth interviews with young Muslims from Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York...


7 Jul 2005

A wealth of research shows a greater incidence and prevalence of schizophrenia and psychotic illness in immigrant and ethnic minority groups. These findings extend to sub-clinical measures of schizophrenia-related personality characteristics, such as schizotypy. Examinations of the role of stress and resilience factors in this...



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