Islam and culture

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23 Aug 2017

Is Pauline Hanson's latest stunt, wearing a burqa into parliament, the start of a serious debate?

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22 Jun 2017

The destruction of Mosul's Al Nuri mosque is another reminder that Islamic State's main victims have been Muslims.


15 Jun 2017

This report, commissioned by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, examines the Bendigo mosque protests in 2016.


13 Jun 2017

There is a common misunderstanding that one particular Qur’anic verse perpetuates violence against women, writes Nada Ibrahim.


CIS Occasional Paper 154
10 Jun 2017

This paper sets out to examine some of the key problems religious violence poses for western, liberal societies.

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19 Apr 2017

You might recall last September, a poll by Essential Media found 49% of Australians supported a ban on Muslims immigrating to Australia.

The result so shocked Peter Lewis, the respected pollster who runs Essential, that he ran the question a second time.


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21 Nov 2016

When Muslims migrate to Western countries, they bring their identity and culture with them. As they settle in their host countries, some Muslims encounter structural inequality, which is often revealed through media representation, unequal labour market status and racial profiling. Through the dynamics of structural...


8 Nov 2016

A 2015 study by the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding (MnM) (Hassan, 2015) indicated that Australian Muslims represent 2.2% of the total population. With this figure, Islam is the third largest religion in the country after Christianity and Buddhism and the second fastest...


29 Jun 2016

Cultural heritage around the world suffers from intentional attacks, collateral damage, looting and the effects of natural disasters. Reaching affected sites and areas quickly to monitor the situation, plan for restoration and prevent further loss often proves very difficult.

Thanks to a partnership between...

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27 May 2016

Since the events of 9/11, the official line of most Western governments has been that the fight against Islamist terrorism is not a fight against Islam itself. Strategically, there are a number of reasons for this — successful intelligence cooperation with Muslim majority governments, civilians...

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13 May 2016

This article explores the influence of cultural and religious beliefs and laws on how individuals make decisions about asset distribution through wills, drawing on a case study of Islamic will makers. Findings highlight diversity in beliefs and practices within Australian Islamic communities. When drafting a...

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1 Dec 2015

A persistent theme in the Qur’an commands Muslims ‘to establish a political order on earth for the sake of creating an egalitarian and just moral-social order’. According to Fazlur Rahman this is one of key intellectual messages of the Qur’an. Ernest Gellner in his seminal...

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16 Jun 2015

This paper examines how the Melbourne's Islamic Museum of Australia tells a story of an “Australian Islam” through its use of material and artistic objects; how it symbolizes and synthesizes the assumed binary of East and West, through spatial expressions that narrate a religious community's...

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5 Feb 2014

In 2010, the French parliament passed legislation banning the concealment of the face in public in response to a highly publicised debate over the place of the full-face Islamic veil in French society. This essay explores the thus far unexamined relationship between Jewish-French philosopher Emmanual...


27 Nov 2012

Timbuktu is a symbol of Africa’s written intellectual heritage long before the arrival of European colonialism. The sheer quantity of its manuscripts bears witness to that indisputable fact. As a metaphor, or symbol, of knowledge, Timbuktu includes both the actual city and settlement of Timbuktu...

Working paper

17 Jul 2012

One of the most persistent criticisms of postcolonialism is that it promotes an antipathy to imperialism that tends to focus on the experience of European colonial empires and neglects other, non-western instances of imperial hubris. The articulation of Islam and empire has not been subject...



9 Nov 2011

With the banning of the Muslim women’s niqab (face veil) in France on 12 April 2011, there has been a debate within academia regarding its justification. In the USA, Professor Jocelyne Cesari, Director of the Islam in the West Program, Center for Middle Eastern Studies...

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1 Nov 2007

Self-improvement is often seen as the driving force behind international migration. In other cases, people are forced to depart because of social or political upheaval, oppression or national disaster. Finally, people may migrate for family reunion. Immigrants acquire new identities as they settle into the...

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1 Dec 2006

Muslim Australians believe that prevailing media attitudes towards them and their religion, Islam, disadvantages them both economically and socially. The Western media is alleged to have aggravated anti-Muslim sentiment since the 1990–1991 Gulf Crises, and after September 11, 2001 and the Bali tragedy in 2002,...



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