Islam and state


28 Mar 2019

This paper argues that people of Iran seek a new Iran, one that is not based on the destructive legacy of Khomeini’s revolution on Islamic political thought.


29 Jan 2019

This report argues that China’s crackdown on the Uighurs could backfire against its Han population in Xinjiang and possibly elsewhere in China.


5 Jun 2018

This special report aims to explain the persistent and enduring allure of al-Qaedaism as an ideology that is apocalyptic and conspiratorial.


10 Jul 2017

Islamic schools across Australia want to introduce a curriculum model which empowers students to become confident young Australian Muslims.

Audio interview

19 Apr 2017

You might recall last September, a poll by Essential Media found 49% of Australians supported a ban on Muslims immigrating to Australia.

The result so shocked Peter Lewis, the respected pollster who runs Essential, that he ran the question a second time.


Journal article

21 Nov 2016

When Muslims migrate to Western countries, they bring their identity and culture with them. As they settle in their host countries, some Muslims encounter structural inequality, which is often revealed through media representation, unequal labour market status and racial profiling. Through the dynamics of structural...


14 Mar 2016

The Islamic State (IS), al-Qaeda-linked groups, Boko Haram and other extremist movements are protagonists in today’s deadliest crises, complicating efforts to end them. They have exploited wars, state collapse and geopolitical upheaval in the Middle East, gained new footholds in Africa and pose an evolving...

Conference paper

1 Dec 2015

This paper reports empirical evidence, which shows that institutional configurations form an important factor in mediating and articulating the relationship between religion, state and society in Muslim countries. The findings are that trust in religious institutions and their public influence are greater in Muslim countries...

Working paper

30 Oct 2015

This paper has two overarching concerns, namely, examining the performance of the national and state governments in advancing social and economic development of socio-religious communities in India; and identifying the institutions and policies necessary for the government to ensure the constitutional right of all Indian...

Working paper

30 Oct 2015

Pakistan is a country much in focus today. This is not just because of the myriad challenges it confronts. It is also because of its immense potential. A nuclear armed nation, with an overwhelming Muslim majority population, it is often in the news, but, alas,...

Working paper

30 Oct 2015

In this essay I will concentrate on economics, my discipline and the one that I have practised not only in Pakistan but in four dozen countries around the world. However, I have learned from this experience that economics should not be separated from other social...

Journal article

5 Feb 2014

In 2010, the French parliament passed legislation banning the concealment of the face in public in response to a highly publicised debate over the place of the full-face Islamic veil in French society. This essay explores the thus far unexamined relationship between Jewish-French philosopher Emmanual...

Journal article

1 Nov 2007

Self-improvement is often seen as the driving force behind international migration. In other cases, people are forced to depart because of social or political upheaval, oppression or national disaster. Finally, people may migrate for family reunion. Immigrants acquire new identities as they settle into the...



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