9 Apr 2019

This report is based on a nationally representative survey of American adults conducted in early 2019. Among its findings are that more than four in ten Americans say the country hasn't made enough progress toward racial equality, and most Americans say it’s now more common...


1 Apr 2019

Homophobia, anti-LGBT bigotry, sexism, transphobia, racism and other forms of discrimination are still, sadly, prevalent in society. Like many medical or societal issues, discrimination is a problem best tackled by prevention rather than cure, starting with laws that are an unsightly hang-over from a less...

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21 Nov 2018

Institutional racism is a major contributor to the health gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous Australians. This study describes the nature and management of institutional racism and considers recent changes in an Australian hospital and health service (HHS) to illustrate the...

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26 Jul 2018

The Cyber-Racism and Community Resilience (CRaCR) project included an examination into features of online communities of resistance and solidarity. This work formed a key part of the project’s focus on resilience and produced a deeper understanding of a range of types of actors working in...


8 Nov 2017

Understanding the true meaning of Australian history, and debunking the perennial claims routinely made about the role our supposedly perpetual history of ‘racism’ allegedly continues to play in Australian society, is increasingly in the national interest today.

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12 Sep 2017

This article examines the current legal and regulatory terrain around cyber-racism in Australia.

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1 Sep 2017

This article explores cases in which Indigenous defendants have perceived that an all-white jury’s prejudice against Indigenous people would prevent them receiving a fair trial, and draws comparisons with the United States and Canada.

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23 May 2017

This study's findings suggest that societal inequality is reflected in people’s minds as dominance motives that underpin ideologies and actions that ultimately sustain group-based hierarchy.


27 Feb 2017

This project measured the extent and variation of racist attitudes and experiences in Australia. It examines Australians attitudes to cultural diversity, discomfort/intolerance of specific groups, ideology of nation, perceptions of Anglo-Celtic cultural privilege, and belief in racialism, racial separatism and racial hierarchy. The project also...

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31 Oct 2016

Racist discourse has significantly shifted away from the use of overt racial language and has predominantly become a coded and subtle discourse. This article highlights how paying attention the ways in which language is used in its social and cognitive contexts can provide social work...

Audio podcast

12 Oct 2016

Dallas Rogers speaks with Western Sydney Univeristy's Alanna Kamp about her research on the forgotten lives of Chinese Australian women in the 20th Century, the silence in our census records about their experiences, and why it matters for our understanding of Australia’s national identity.


21 Sep 2016

This survey discusses a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia.

Methodology, margin of error and professional standards The data gathered for this report is gathered from a weekly online omnibus conducted by Your Source. Essential Research has been utilizing the Your Source online...


18 Aug 2016


New online big data research by the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos think tank has found significant spikes in the use of anti-Islamic language on Twitter in the immediate aftermath of news events, particularly terrorist attacks.



8 Jul 2016

Now that Pauline Hanson is back in the Senate, we can expect ridicule of her in the mainstream media for the dumb and hateful things she says. Which is fair enough: a lot of it does deserve ridicule.

Yet this is hardly the only...


7 Mar 2016

In 1975, the year the Racial Discrimination Act was introduced by the Whitlam Government, Australia's population was just over 13.5 million. Fast forward 40 years and 24 million people now call Australia home, living in relative harmony in a rich and vibrantly multicultural society....


30 Nov 2015

This study was commissioned by The Challenging Racism Project of Western Sydney University (WSU) and the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy Australia (ISRA) affiliated with Charles Sturt University (CSU) to investigate the experiences and perceptions of ordinary everyday Muslims in Sydney and whether the perceptions...

Briefing paper

2 Nov 2015

ECCV is the peak advocacy organisation for ethnic and multicultural groups in Victoria. An invitation-only roundtable was held with Australian Muslim mothers in the south eastern suburban area of Melbourne, to discuss their recent experiences. A group of 14 Afghan women, supported by a Foundation...

Journal article

16 Oct 2015

Campaigns against the halal certification of food in Muslim‐minority societies reveal the shift in the representation of Muslims from a visible, alien presence to a hidden, covert threat. This paper uses one such campaign in Australia as a point of entry for analysing the ramifications...

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7 Oct 2015

On 11 December 2005 at Sydney’s Cronulla Beach about 5000 Australians, mostly young men from Sutherland Shire, wrapped themselves in Australian flags and asserted that Cronulla Beach belonged to them through abusive language against Lebanese Australians. Subsequently, on 12 December 2005 a group of Australians...



27 Sep 2015

A "redshirts" movement in Malaysia has emerged from the politically charged interaction between three key organising principles in Malaysian public life: race, religion and a sixty-year-old government in crisis.

They reflect a confluence of forces unleashed by the critically important election result in 2013,...



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