Journal article

2 Dec 2018

This research briefng provides information about the context of violence against women (VAW) in Samoa. It explores the social, cultural, and religious systems that serve to sustain the nation’s high rates of VAW, including local governance structures and the gender roles inherent within them. There...


1 Dec 2018

Despite the growing incidence of family violence amongst Cook Islanders in Aotearoa New Zealand, practice interventions to support the safety and healing of Cook Islands victims, perpetrators and their families are promulgated from within western knowledge and theories of family violence. As well, these matters...

Literature review

1 Dec 2018

This report provides a literature review to identify existing family violence initiatives that specifically target men to improve their health and overall wellbeing.


4996.0 2016
4 Apr 2018

This release provides information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) 2016 Personal Safety Survey (PSS) for states and territories and includes data on experiences of:

violence partner violence and partner emotional abuse sexual harassment feelings of general safety.

Where appropriate, data are presented...


1 Mar 2018

This research arose out of a meeting of Western Sydney University’s (Western) ALLY network, where anecdotal concerns were voiced about the environmental conditions encountered by sexuality and gender diverse (SGD) students and staff.

Journal article

31 Jan 2018

This paper examines the potential benefits and pitfalls of mobile phones for accessing social services, particularly in response to gender-based violence, in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.


7 Dec 2017

Crime across most of New South Wales has remained stable or fallen over the last two years.

Journal article

1 Dec 2017

This article outlines the risk of occupational violence experienced by doctors, and general practitioners in particular, and to discuss practical measures that can be taken to manage this risk.

Journal article

24 Nov 2017

This article examines cases heard in Australian courts of law involving allegations of cyber-violence to shed light on the limitations of the existing legislation in addressing such abuse.


22 Jun 2017

New figures show that the number of female perpetrators of domestic assaults in New South Wales has been steadily increasing over the past ten years - and it's not only against partners.

Briefing paper

Issues paper no. 24
5 Jun 2017

This issues paper considers the law on consensual assault in Tasmania.

Journal article

23 May 2017

This study's findings suggest that societal inequality is reflected in people’s minds as dominance motives that underpin ideologies and actions that ultimately sustain group-based hierarchy.


6 Mar 2017

Aims: To assess the longer-term effects of the 2014 NSW liquor law reforms on levels of violence in the inner Sydney area.

Method: Interrupted time series models were used to examine the effects of the legislative reforms introduced in January 2014. Police...


24 Nov 2016


Aim: To determine whether there has been any change in the rate of reporting of assaults at The Star casino by staff before and after the lockout reforms were introduced in February 2014. This paper also briefly examines the characteristics of...

Audio podcast

15 Sep 2016

For this episode, Kate spoke with Umar Werfete. Umar is a lecturer and a head of research at the State Islamic University of Jayapura in Papua, Indonesia.

He also researches religious issues in Papua in his position within the Division for Research and Development,...


10 Aug 2016

Non-domestic assaults, particularly alcohol related incidents, have long been the source of community discussion and media attention. This has increased since the 'lockout an last drinks' laws were introduced to the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross in February 2014.

The Sydney Local Government Area...


12 Jul 2016

INSPIRE is an evidence-based resource for everyone committed to preventing and responding to violence against children and adolescents, from government to grassroots, and from civil society to the private sector. It represents a select group of strategies based on the best available evidence to help...


15 Jun 2016

Elder abuse is a growing problem. The population is ageing in Australia so much so that it’s predicted that by 2040 those aged 65 years and over will be 21% of the population and those over 85 will be up to 5% of the population...


15 Jun 2016

On 11 September 1973, the Chilean Chief of the Armed Forces Augusto Pinochet overthrew the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende and installed a military dictatorship. Yet this is a book not of parties or ideologies but public history. It focuses on the memorials and...


20 Apr 2016

Aim: To examine trends in non-domestic assault in Pyrmont and The Star casino since the February 2014 reforms contained in the Liquor Amendment Act 2014 (popularly known as the ‘lockout laws’) were implemented in central Sydney.

Method: Time series analysis, police narrative...



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