People with disabilities


1 Mar 2019

The purpose of this compendium is to highlight, raise awareness and illustrate the opportunities for disability research in Australia.


20 Feb 2019

This research outlines the significant obstacles faced by refugees with disabilities who are living in Australia. The report is based on consultations with individuals affected and service providers. It reveals that despite policy improvements which have enabled more refugees with disabilities to settle in Australia,...


28 Jan 2019

This guide provides information about good practice for the design of buildings that are safe and easy to use for everyone.

Discussion paper

10 Jan 2019

This issues paper has been released to promote a discussion on the issues surrounding the safe and legal use of new and innovative personal-use and mobility devices.


Settling strangers; supporting disability needs
31 Dec 2018

This report was commissioned by the Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre to understand the basic issues concerning the settlement of migrants and refugees, including examining resettlement supports for migrants and refugees with disability. The report applies the Circles of Social Life approach, which offers an...


A Special Report to Parliament under section 31 of the Ombudsman Act 1974
2 Nov 2018

This report demonstrates the need for a comprehensive safeguarding approach in NSW for vulnerable adults living in the community – including an effective response to the abuse and neglect of both vulnerable adults with disability and older people.

Journal article

29 Oct 2018

In this paper, data collected about disability in Australia are examined, in particular for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) peoples. Data on the prevalence of disability in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations is an essential component of effective disability policy, planning and implementation....


15 Oct 2018

This report documents the findings from a recent study of the road safety experiences of people who are blind or have low vision. It outlines a range of recommendations to enhance road safety for blind or low vision pedestrians. It is likely that these same...


20 Sep 2018

As a result of this inquiry, 29 recommendations have been made, which aim to ensure that appropriate strategies and responses are swiftly implemented to stimulate the growth of the marketplace and ensure that all NDIS participants have timely access to the necessary and reasonable support...

Policy report

Ending discrimination against people with FSAD in New South Wales law and policy
4 Sep 2018

This report urges governments to conduct a review of law and policy to determine where people with FASD are excluded, and to work together with medical professionals and advocates for people with FASD and other forms of cognitive impairment, to develop a more inclusive definition...

Journal article

29 Aug 2018

A positive commitment towards inclusive education in Kiribati is emerging and that Australian Aid provided essential advocacy for children with disabilities through direct management of initiatives by the expatriate administered Kiribati Education Facility.

Journal article

26 Jul 2018

This research investigates the reasons why clients are estranged from their organisation when they expect to be the focus of communication attention. It investigates an organisations’ ability to establish the conditions necessary for inclusion of the organisation’s publics who identify with disability and who come...


24 Jul 2018

This report documents the effects of systemic discrimination on the health and wellbeing of LGBTI people with disability. It is divided into two key sections (Sections 4 and 5). The first reviews the national and international research and policy literatures on the impacts of systemic...


12 Jul 2018

The Australian government has made several commitments to reduce the extent of discrimination and disadvantage experienced by people with disabilities.

In 1992 Australia enacted the Disability Discrimination Act; In 2008 Australia ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). In...

Journal article

2 Jul 2018


This is the second article in a two-part series that establishes a framework for evaluating law as it affects the rights to liberty and security for people with intellectual and cognitive impairments. This article uses the rights-based approach developed in the first...


1 Jul 2018

This report, drawing upon disability-inclusive methodologies of co-creation, development and engagement, maps the lived experiences of women with disabilities living within the war-affected areas of Sri Lanka.


30 Apr 2018

This report concerns a complaint about Maribyrnong City Council’s unfair internal review processes when dealing with fines.


27 Apr 2018

This project draws on the insights of 36 women living in New South Wales and Victoria who outlined their experiences of seeking justice and security in the context of violence that they had experienced.


A demonstration project in supported accommodation for people with neurotrauma: final report
15 Apr 2018

This project aimed to explore the applicability of Active Support in supported accommodation services for people with neurotrauma, and the effectiveness of this model of staff practice in improving quality of life outcomes for this group.


1 Dec 2017

This guide seeks to encourage policy makers, planners, designers, and operators to think beyond compliance and the physical and governance boundaries of services and infrastructure, and focus instead on people's accessibility needs across the whole of their public transport journey.



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