Decision making

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19 Aug 2015

How do policy workers actually use academic research and advice? While there are several recent studies regarding this question from other Westminster jurisdictions, similar academic studies have been rare in New Zealand. So far, most of the local research in this field has been conducted...



31 Jul 2015

This year New Zealand will become the 49th country to adopt a National Action Plan (NAP) on women, peace and security.

New Zealand’s draft NAP was released in May 2015. It focuses on five areas: (1) ensuring women’s involvement in decision-making within conflict and...


27 Jul 2015

Advocacy for Inclusion welcomed the review of ACT Guardianship arrangements for adult people with disabilities- as it has long been advocating for major changes to both the laws of guardianship and how it works in practice. (See our past policy work on Decision Making). The...


11 Jul 2015

The exploratory study found that participants, including those with cognitive disability, mostly supported the broad concept of supported decision making. However supporters saw this as a complex, dynamic and frequently chaotic process. Fundamental to the process were relationships and tailoring support to the individual....


12 Mar 2015


This report aims to integrate recent findings on the psychological and social underpinnings of behavior to make them available for more systematic use by both researchers and practitioners in development communities. The report draws on findings from many disciplines, including neuroscience, cognitive...


13 Nov 2014

Participant Annual Forum 2014 - Day 1

CRCLCL Exemplar 2: Closing the Loop, Brett Pollard, Principal and Architect, HASSELL and Lauren Haas, Australasia Sustainability Manager, Brookfield Multiplex

Journal article

15 Jun 2014

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate property investment decision making by Australian REITs.

Design/methodology/approach – Through an extensive literature review, a normative model of the property investment decision-making process is proposed. Based on semi-structured interviews with senior Australian REIT decision...


1 Jan 2014
the role of information and BigData in decision making how interactive rooms and visualizations can support the d-m process urban planning by the Future Cities Lab beyond Smart Cities


11 Jun 2013

Advocacy for Inclusion was approached by Disability ACT in June 2012 to assist with preparations for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). After some consideration Advocacy for Inclusion decided to undertake a research project on the readiness of people with disabilities to exercise control and...

Working paper

31 Oct 2012

In recent decades, much comparative testing has been conducted to determine which forecasting methods are more effective under given conditions. This evidence-based approach leads to conclusions that differ substantially from current practice, . This paper summarizes the primary findings on what to do – and...


21 Nov 2007

This paper explores the ideas about children's participation in decision-making held by government officials and non-government representatives engaged in promoting children's participation in the Philippines. It suggests that adults' ideas about children's participation are heterogeneous, diverse and complex. While adults' attitudes are often presented as...


AHURI Final Report No. 6
1 Jan 2002

For young people, the transition to independent living is one of the most important – and probably exciting, difficult and emotionally charged – decisions they will ever make. For most, it means severing their links with parents, home and much that they have been familiar...




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