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Briefing paper

16 Apr 2019

The consultation document released by The New Zealand Treasury looks at – and seeks public feedback on – issues relating to the types of assets that are screened, who is screened, and how the screening process is conducted.


8 Mar 2019

This report presents a self-assessment of the administration of Australia’s foreign investment framework against the Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) for 2017-18.

Briefing paper

5 Mar 2019

Proposed changes to Australia’s export credit agency, Efic, pose serious financial, environmental and diplomatic risks. They should not be rushed through and must be subject to close scrutiny, writes Tom Swann.


11 Dec 2018

In October 2016, the NSW government accepted an unsolicited proposal from IFM Investors and AustralianSuper to lease 50.4 per cent of Ausgrid for 99 years. The deal followed the federal government’s rejection of two bids from foreign investors, for national security reasons. This performance audit...


7 Dec 2018

Darwin is now on the front line in managing tensions between Australia’s most important strategic ally and partner and its major trading partner.


7 Nov 2018

After assisting many clients to migrate to New Zealand and invest here, PwC has consolidated their experience into an easy to use guide that provides an overview of New Zealand’s economic, social and regulatory landscape.


9 Oct 2018

This report, the first of its kind, analyses the volume, value and makeup of AgTech investment in Australia. It puts it in the context of the United States and provides insight into both how AgTech is developing as a new sub-industry and the broader venture...


September 2018 update
25 Sep 2018

This Guidance Note provides information for foreign investors proposing to invest in Australian agricultural land, including when an acquisition of agricultural land is a notifiable action, approval processes and compliance.


25 Aug 2018

Investing in green infrastructure helps Australia and New Zealand to reach their current climate targets and the potential ratchet up of international emissions goals.


Prepared for the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources
24 Aug 2018

This report estimates how the trade and investment liberalisation undertaken by Australia over the 1986–2016 period has impacted the Victorian economy, as well as how the incidence of these reforms varies across different Victorian households.


21 Aug 2018

Existing research has largely focused on the effects of economic policy uncertainty and partisan political conflict on economic activity, employment and investment. This report extends this work to examine the effect of this uncertainty on cross-border trade and investment, with a particular focus on Australia...


20 Aug 2018

This publication is an informative resource providing detailed snapshots of the latest trends in Australia’s international investment position with the world (both inwards and outwards), as well as a summary of the world direct investment position.


14 Aug 2018

FIRB Chairman, David Irvine AO, delivered this keynote address to the annual Infrastructure Investors’ Forum, outlining Australia’s approach to foreign investment and the national interest test.


31 Jul 2018

Afghanistan and the US share a relationship that dates back to the early 1920s. The relationship has been predicated upon providing advantage to the US - a situation that seems likely to continue into the future.

Briefing paper

30 Jul 2018

Australia Institute research has consistently shown there is no correlation between lower company tax rates, employment or economic growth. This analysis shows that foreign investors will be the unambiguous winners of the proposed company tax cut.


26 Jul 2018

This report outlines some of the national security issues raised by recent changes in the sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Australia and the United States. The regulatory regimes for screening FDI in both countries are examined, with a particular focus on how these...


24 Jul 2018

This report argues that maturing the Korea-Australia investment relationship is key for its next stage of growth. Building on recent successes in the resource sector, bilateral investment now needs to move into a range of new industries, including infrastructure, finance, services and agriculture.


19 Jul 2018

The food security of the Gulf states is heavily dependent on foreign imports. Europe and the Americas have been the traditional markets supplying food to them, but recent developments in sub-Saharan Africa may encourage Gulf investors to embrace potential opportunities in Africa.


17 Jul 2018

This report profiles eighteen Australian and British firms, from small start-ups to international conglomerates, who have been successful in expanding to either country. These firms are across industries as diverse as defence, financial services, manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, technology and training.


19 Jun 2018

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) selected foreign investment in residential real estate for audit because of the extent of parliamentary and public interest in the issue, including concerns that foreign investors were not complying with foreign investment obligations and purchasing properties they were not...



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