Government accountability


Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Productivity Commission
20 Feb 2019

This audit was undertaken to provide assurance that the Closing the Gap framework is appropriately governed, and that monitoring and reporting arrangements are being managed effectively and draw on accurate and appropriate data.


16 Jan 2019

The objective of the audit was to assess whether the award of a $443.3 million grant to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation was informed by appropriate departmental advice and a thorough processes that complied with the grants administration framework.


15 Jan 2019

With the shadow boxing continuing, Labor seems likely to inherit the Adani coal mine headache.


18 Dec 2018

The objective of this report is to provide the Auditor-General’s independent assurance over the status of the selected major projects. The status of the selected projects is reported in the Statement by the Secretary of Defence and the Project Data Summary Sheets (PDSSs) prepared by...


17 Dec 2018

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Clean Energy Regulator’s administration of the Renewable Energy Target scheme.

Discussion paper

12 Dec 2018

The Queensland Labor government has offered Adani a “beneficial” royalty deal that would loan hundreds of millions, on subsidised terms it is keeping secret, under a “transparent policy framework” that was a few dot points at the end of a press release.


11 Dec 2018

In October 2016, the NSW government accepted an unsolicited proposal from IFM Investors and AustralianSuper to lease 50.4 per cent of Ausgrid for 99 years. The deal followed the federal government’s rejection of two bids from foreign investors, for national security reasons. This performance audit...


6 Dec 2018

Random-controlled testing is widely accepted in medicine, and yet voters are not convinced this would be a good approach to testing out government policy before it is implemented.


6 Dec 2018

The objective of this audit was to assess whether Human Services has an effective high-level compliance strategy for administered payments made under the Centrelink and Medicare programs.


4 Dec 2018

The New Zealand Treasury developed the Living Standards Framework (LSF) dashboard, a practical set of meaningful current and future wellbeing indicators, to inform its policy advice. We are making the LSF dashboard publicly available so that others can see some of the work that assists...


29 Nov 2018

To assess Australia’s fiscal sustainability and budget challenges it is important to look at the budget position of not only the Commonwealth but also states and territories. This report examine the revenue, expenditure, net capital investment and the net debt position across all levels of...


20 Nov 2018

During the caretaker period, the business of government continues and ordinary matters of administration still need to be addressed.

Briefing paper

15 Nov 2018

New evidence shows the Scott Morrison’s $260 million payment to NT was not a longstanding policy. Attempts to get to the bottom of things using Freedom of Information have been blocked.

Briefing paper

14 Nov 2018

On the 28th October 2018, the crossbench announced their intention to pursue the establishment of a National Integrity Commission, a federal anti-corruption watchdog. This briefing note summarises the case for a National Integrity Commission and makes recommendations for its design based on lessons learned from...

Journal article

13 Nov 2018

This article reports on a first-in-kind study of research contracts between Commonwealth and New South Wales Government entities and external providers.


30 Oct 2018

This report analyses the internal controls and governance of the forty largest agencies in the New South Wales public sector for the year ended 30 June 2018.


9 Oct 2018

The objective of the audit was to assess whether effective arrangements have been established by Finance to achieve value for money outcomes for Commonwealth leased office property.


Solomon Lecture 2018
24 Sep 2018

"A decline in public trust and a rise in populism and alternative voices, is the biggest background trend facing governments. Global political events over the past few years have underlined serious and ongoing threats to the free flow of information and indeed to democracy itself."...


21 Sep 2018

This document, the second such plan devised for the nation, outlines the Australian government's aspirations for enhancing access to information, civic participation and public accountability in the digital age.

Draft report

20 Sep 2018

The Open Government Action Plan aims to transform the relationship between government and all the people it serves. The state sector reforms that have been proposed are aimed at making exciting and meaningful change to the way government works for citizens and engages with citizens....



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