Briefing paper

11 Apr 2019

This paper provides Members of the 57th Parliament of New South Wales with an authoritative overview of 45 key issues affecting the state in 2019. It presents the latest evidence on key areas for the NSW community such as health, education, crime and justice, housing,...


21 Feb 2019

In November 2015, the Canadian government, led by Justin Trudeau, announced a new, nonpartisan process to select candidates for Senate appointments. To take stock of these developments and related internal changes, the IRPP convened a round table in Ottawa on September 27, 2018. This report...


18 Jan 2019

This research paper asks whether there is an established ‘way in’ to Parliament, whether MPs overwhelmingly come from the same demographic backgrounds, schools, and career paths, and whether this might have implications for policy.


15 Jan 2019

This quick guide contains the most recent tables showing the composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender (see Table 1 and Table 2 below). It takes into account changes to the Commonwealth, New South Wales, Victorian and South Australian parliaments since the last update...


14 Dec 2018

The overall aim of this work was to inform parliaments, and in particular parliamentary committees, of the strategies that could be developed to better engage CALD communities in the work of future parliamentary inquiries.

Briefing paper

19 Nov 2018

T​here appears to be a growing consensus across the political spectrum that the underrepresentation of women in Parliament needs to be addressed to ensure the ongoing legitimacy of the Australian political system.

This Briefing Paper provides an analysis of the current situation for women...


27 Sep 2018

This audit identified two instances where Members of Parliament did not materially comply with the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal’s Determination relating to additional entitlements.


23 Aug 2018

This report finds that the conduct of the Members in question does not constitute a contempt of Parliament, even though in some cases, the conduct was not up to the standard expected from Victorian MPs.


11 Apr 2018

Provides a comprehensive analysis of the 2016 Australian federal election and the contemporary political and policy challenges facing Australian democracy and society today.


21 Mar 2018

Trust in our politicians is declining, and risks diminishing further with allegations of misuse of public funds. This investigation argues that the reputation of the Victorian Parliament would be greatly enhanced if an independent agency was clearly empowered to deal with such matters.


22 Feb 2018

This quick guide contains the most recent tables showing the composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender. It takes into account changes to the Commonwealth, state and territory parliaments since the last update was published on 14 December 2017.


5 Jan 2018

Only presidential action will resolve the impasse brought on by last year’s inconclusive election in Timor-Leste, writes Michael Leach.


14 Dec 2017

Parliament House, which was officially opened in 1988, is the home of the Parliament of Australia. This paper presents a chronology of key events in Australia's Parliament House during 2016.


14 Dec 2017

This quick guide contains the most recent tables showing the composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender.


14 Dec 2017

This research paper summarizes differences between the preliminary (election night count) and the final election results, compares the 2017 election result with that of 2014, shows trends in voter turnout, and analyses the demographic makeup of the 52nd Parliament.


31 Oct 2017

This paper sets out the framework for parliamentary involvement in the process leading up to the ratification of an international multilateral trade treaty in each of the eleven remaining Trans-Pacific Partnership signatory countries.

Journal article

29 Aug 2017

The principle of legality has in recent years become an increasingly important tool of statutory interpretation, but it has been applied inconsistently.

Journal article

19 Jun 2017

This paper argues that the benefits of bipartisanship in the management of defence and security policy are overstated, and that the effects of the norm are often counter-productive and even harmful to the conduct and management of Australian policy.


1 May 2017

This paper provides some background to the importance of the separation of the legislature, executive and judiciary, and examines how modern parliaments in the Westminster system, including the Victorian Parliament, are faring in their attempt at preserving and maintaining a degree of independence from the...

Journal article

19 Apr 2017

While it is clear that administrative regulations can control matters that are morally or politically controversial, the processes by which they are made in Australia do not generally require transparency or public participation, the primary features of deliberative democracy.



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