Small business


Inquiry into access to free trade agreements by small and medium enterprises
18 Feb 2019

This report urges the Australian government to continue including specific small and medium enterprises (SMEs) chapters in trade agreements, as well as introducing a focus on e-commerce in future FTAs.

Working paper

18 Dec 2018

Statutory trusts have been considered and proposed by a number of inquiries as a means of ensuring prompt progress payments to subcontractors, and ring-fencing payments in the event of insolvency of their contractor. The ASBFEO has considered the various arguments for and against cascading deemed...


5 Dec 2018

This report covers phase one of the Access to Justice inquiry. In this phase, 1,600 businesses across Australia were surveyed in order to gain an understanding of where small businesses go for advice and, when they escalate a dispute, what pathways they choose.


9 Nov 2018

Drawing on new survey data this report provides a profile of micro-businesses with 1-9 employees in Northern Ireland in comparison to UK regional, Irish and US benchmarks. The report provides the first evidence on levels of business ambition, resilience and digital adoption for this group...


Evidence from micro-businesses in the UK, Ireland and USA
26 Oct 2018

The advent of Industry 4.0 emphasises the potential importance of digital adoption for sustained competitiveness. Here, based on new survey data for over 9,000 firms in the UK, Ireland and USA we consider whether digital adoption provides a new mechanism through which firms’ growth ambition...

Discussion paper

17 Oct 2018

This paper provides information about the trans-Tasman electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) collaboration and seeks feedback from key stakeholders on early thinking about operational governance options for e-invoicing arrangements. The feedback received will inform the further development of options and related advice to the Australian and New...


15 Oct 2018

This statistical snapshot sheds light on the contribution of the small business sector to the Australian economy using key economic indicators such as employment and Industry Value Added (IVA).

Discussion paper

2 Oct 2018

In the right circumstances, superannuation funds could provide capital for growth to SME’s and business more generally, complementing more traditional capital sources such as banks, according to this discussion paper.


28 Aug 2018

This report provides a cost-benefit analysis of establishing a pharmacy council in Queensland. The report was commissioned following a request from the Health, Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee.


25 Jul 2018

Small business and entrepreneurship is the life blood of a dynamic and growing economy. Newer, smaller businesses can inject innovative ideas and challenge outdated methods. This report investigates the impact of Australia’s falling rate of entrepreneurship on the business structure.


Report from the Connect and Engage small business consultation program
6 Jul 2018

This project was designed to identify ways in which the Fair Work Commission’s guides, resources and services could be improved to meet the needs of the small business community, within the scope of the current legislative framework.


29 Jun 2018

This report contains eight recommendations outlining initiatives to increase the supply of capital, and raise SME’s awareness of alternative sources of finance outside traditional banking.

Briefing paper

9 May 2018

At the request of the Royal Commission, this information note identifies reforms affecting SME lending introduced since 2007. The reforms outlined in this information note primarily concern reforms that are of relevance to small businesses, rather than medium sized enterprises, which are treated consistently with...

Briefing paper

7 May 2018

The scope of this paper is limited to small business credit in the form of loans, both secured and unsecured. It does not consider other banking facilities, financial products or financial services. It is intended to provide an overview of the relevant issues, and does...


30 Apr 2018

The Taskforce’s final report highlights the harm that the black economy causes to honest businesses and the community, penalising honest taxpayers, undermining the integrity of Australia’s tax and welfare systems and creating an uneven playing field for the majority of small businesses doing the right...

Discussion paper

27 Apr 2018

This position paper identifies some simple steps to tackle the overly complex workplace relations system for small businesses.


Inquiry into impacts on local businesses in Australia from global internet-based competition
11 Apr 2018

Internet commerce currently accounts for only a small proportion of the Australian retail market but is growing rapidly. As a result of this growth, Australian businesses are experiencing increased competition from overseas firms using the internet to directly market to Australian consumers.


15 Mar 2018

This report provides more detailed guidance to bank and non-bank lenders about compliance with the unfair contract terms laws, as they relate to small business.

Annual Report

28 Feb 2018

This report analyses the different approaches to disclosure across the fintech industry and makes recommendations on best practice and identifies commitments to action.


6 Feb 2018

The focus of this project is specifically on adults with intellectual disabilities who have high support needs and experience almost complete exclusion from employment, much more than other disability groups.



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