Information technology--Economic aspects


22 Nov 2018

This study identified five Australian housing markets that could use online technology to match highly specific ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’. The five markets considered are: swaps in public housing; disability accessible housing; low-cost private rental housing brokerage; apartment presales for low/mid income earners; and precinct-level urban...


A survey of broadacre, dairy and vegetable farms
2 Nov 2018

This report outlines how information communications technology (ICT) is used in Australian agriculture. The report also identifies the key differences in adoption between agriculture sectors and between small and large farms.


14 Dec 2016

Many trends on the horizon offer opportunities that could transform our cities. From self-driving vehicles and the sharing economy through to cloud computing and blockchain technologies, each of these trends is quite significant on its own. But the convergence of their disruptive forces is what...

Working paper

13 Dec 2016

UFB alone is not the path to success. Organise, you must.

We estimate whether there are productivity gains from ultrafast broadband (UFB) adoption and whether any gains are higher when firms undertake complementary organisational investments. Using an IV strategy based on proximity to schools...


10 Jun 2016

This report compares provision, participation, and student performance in courses delivered by e-learning methods with courses that do not use e-learning. This is analysed at a system, sub-sector, and field of study level, as well as by ethnicity, age, full-time, part-time, and extramural status....


19 May 2016

Labor will develop a far reaching blueprint required to tackle the serious skills deficits holding back the sector and preventing us from extracting the great economic advantage that comes from embracing innovation.

Reflecting the huge local and international demand for skills and talent, we...


29 Apr 2016

Main key points

Intellectual property (IP) arrangements need to balance the interests of rights holders with users. IP arrangements should: encourage investment in IP that would not otherwise occur provide the minimum incentives necessary to encourage that investment resist impeding follow-on innovation, competition...


15 Mar 2016

The report on the role of smart ICT in the design and planning of infrastructure had its genesis in the 2014 inquiry by the House Infrastructure and Communications Committee into infrastructure planning and procurement. During that inquiry, the Infrastructure and Communications Committee received evidence outlining...


11 Mar 2016

Australia’s digital economy is expected to grow significantly over the coming years. This growth will be fuelled by new waves of technological developments. Existing technologies such as cloud services, social media and mobile devices will see growing uses in new industries, sectors and occupations. But...


8 Feb 2016

Digital technologies such as fast computers, portable devices, remote sensors, and ‘smart’ machines are key foundations for the transformation of businesses in almost all industries. They provide a platform for innovation and growth.

Earlier research at the Productivity Commission showed the accelerated use of...


4 Feb 2016

The blockchain technology that began life via virtual currency bitcoin could yet prove as transformative as the internet. The structure of blockchain ensures that any transaction between two entities only proceeds on the basis of transparency and consensus. So could fraud be a thing of...


1 Nov 2015

This report discusses how Australian organisations approach managed services and hybrid IT, including strategies, approaches, and barriers.



The Australian Hybrid IT Adoption Index provides a snapshot of how Australian organisations approach managed IT services and hybrid IT, including...

Discussion paper

30 Sep 2015


Digital technologies are radically changing how enterprises run, arguably with greater and deeper impact than that of any previous IT evolution. Many industries – and their competitive dynamics – will be forever altered.

There are challenges, however. The surge of digital...


16 Jun 2015

Digital technologies is one of the fastest growing parts of Australia’s economy with its economic contribution growing from $50 billion in 2011 to $79 billion in 2013-14.

Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society Australia’s have partnered to produce Australia's Digital Pulse which...


13 Mar 2015

This year’s report examines trends such as amplified intelligence, ambient computing, software-defined everything and the IT worker of the future. These trends have the potential to disrupt and reshape organisations, business models and even entire industries.

In the coming fiscal year or next, how...


10 Mar 2015

The industrial structure of European economies and the types of occupation that they support are changing. This change takes many forms in different national contexts, but there are some common themes. There has been an increase in service-sector employment, both in low-skilled customer service work...


1 Nov 2014

Main points

Research data are an asset we have been building for decades, through billions of dollars of public investment in research annually. The information and communication technology (ICT) revolution presents an unprecedented opportunity to ‘leverage’ that asset. Given this, there is increasing...

Journal article

1 Oct 2013

The existing literature has given little consideration to social values of information technology in general or of wireless technology in particular. The purpose of this paper is thus to shed new light on this issue. Based on an interpretive case study, we examine two healthcare...

Conference paper

14 Nov 2011

Since the 1980s the promotion of competition and the attendant concept of efficiency have been central tenets of public policy. These concepts have been applied increasingly with little understanding of their significance and meaning. This paper addresses the implications for competition policy of the transformation...

Discussion paper

18 Oct 2011

This paper seeks to start discussion how government, industry and the community can work together to address the challenges and risks arising from greater digital engagement.

The result of this conversation will be the release of Australia’s first Cyber White Paper in the first...



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