14 Feb 2018

This chronology is the second of a series which traces the story of media ownership concentration and control in Australia since 1901. The chronology in general focusses on government policies and regulations that have responded to, or attempted to pre-empt, a trend towards concentration that...


17 Nov 2017

This strategy document sets out what the Broadcasting Standards Authority intends to achieve or contribute to over the next four years and how it will manage its functions and operations to meet its intentions.

Annual Report

17 Oct 2017

This report includes the 2016–17 annual reports for the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

Annual Report

13 Oct 2016

This annual report contains details of the ACMA’s and the Office’s performance for 2015–16 and outlines the joint nature of this report and where the ACMA and the Office share resources or corporate support.


9 Sep 2016

The Australian Communications and Media Authority's privacy guidelines for broadcasters are designed help broadcasters and members of the public better understand the operation of the privacy provisions in the various broadcasting codes of practice.

Broadcasting codes of practice are registered by or, in the...


4 Jul 2016

Media is a mirror society holds up to itself.

Media records our lives and the world around us through news and factual content; it explores our hopes and fears, demons and desires, through creative content. When media represents the stories of only part of...

Annual Report

31 Dec 2015

Annual report of the Commonwealth of Australia communications and broadcasting regulatory authority: the Australian Communications and Media Authority

Audio podcast

5 Nov 2015

With the recent political explosion in Australia – the dumping of yet another prime minister – came an avalanche of political interviews. But how much did we learn from these public interrogations? Have political interviews infused with intense media management run out of puff? With...


9 Sep 2015


Regional media is viewed as an essential democratic institution by regional Australians, with 95 per cent accessing some type of local content each week. Regional media is an important source of news, weather, and emergency information. It also contributes to a sense...


12 Jul 2015

Prime Minister Tony Abbott seems to have brokered some kind of peace deal with the ABC over his ban on frontbenchers appearing on Q&A. But there are at least six problems with this picture.

On Friday, it was reported that Abbott would: … drop...

Audio presentation

6 Jul 2015

The 1992 Broadcasting Services Act simplified an unwieldy existing legislative framework and reformed the broadcasting regulator, renamed the Australian Broadcasting Authority. In accordance with the Labor government's desire for a co-ordinated expansion and diversification of services it directed the new authority to initiate an integrated...


1 Jul 2015

Summary of Investigation Report

Nature of Investigation

On 22 June 2015, Mr Zaky Mallah joined the live audience of the Q&A program produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Mr Mallah asked a question and subsequently engaged in a short debate...


26 May 2015

The report outlines recommended changes to improve Australia's spectrum management framework. The report is the result of the review conducted by the Department of Communications in conjunction with the Australian Communications and Media Authority and included extensive stakeholder consultation.

On 25 August 2015 the...


6 Jan 2015

This report finds that the transition to digital broadcasting, which has the power to bring new views and voices to the television airwaves, has yet to deliver those benefits in many developing countries.


A technology transition that has the power to...

Annual Report

31 Dec 2014

Annual report of the Commonwealth of Australia communications and broadcasting regulatory authority: the Australian Communications and Media Authority

Discussion paper

11 Nov 2014

The purpose of this review is to ensure Australia's spectrum policy and management framework framework will serve the country well into the future, and to examine what policy and regulatory changes are needed to meet current challenges.


On 23 May 2014...



28 Oct 2014

Cultural policy and trade policy are pulling in different directions, and Ten’s Offspring could be one casualty

On 7 August this year 1.3 million people watched what is probably the last episode of the popular Australian series Offspring. Created...

Discussion paper

30 Jul 2014

This discussion document sets out the key issues being considered as part of this review of New Zealand's Radiocommunications Act 1989, the first substantial review since the mid- 1990s.

Introduction: The last substantial review of the Radiocommunications Act 1989 (the Act) was undertaken...


11 Jun 2014

This paper offers examples of soft censorship in 30 countries and summarises in-depth soft censorship reports on four countries - Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, and Serbia.

Executive summary

Soft Censorship is growing alarmingly as a global phenomenon. Official “soft censorship” (or “indirect government...



17 May 2014

In the online age, every national broadcaster is an international broadcaster. So it’s strange to find that the government wants to restrict the ABC’s focus

DESPITE what the treasurer and the foreign affairs minister might have tried to do on budget night, every...



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