Web archiving


9 Feb 2018

This report finds that individuals and institutions need clear guidance on the legality of archiving legacy software to ensure continued access to digital files of all kinds and to illuminate the history of technology.

Literature review

7 Feb 2018

Archiving of the web is gradually increasing, and the number of both end users and knowledgeable practitioners are growing in concert. Communities of practice are coming into existence, and the rich literature described in this report is a testament to the vitality of this new...


7 Feb 2018

The preservation challenges are daunting, as are those relating to descriptive metadata to render a web resource discoverable. Descriptive Metadata for Web Archiving was prepared in response to this need.


7 Feb 2018

Can web harvesting tools automatically generate descriptive metadata that supports the discoverability of archived web resources? This report seeks to outline some of the answers.


30 Mar 2015


The use of cloud storage in digital preservation is a rapidly evolving field and this guidance explores how it is developing, emerging options and good practice, together with requirements and standards that archives should consider. Five detailed case studies of UK archives that...


10 Mar 2015

The purpose of this research project was for the National Library of New Zealand (NLNZ) to establish a greater understanding of the use of archived websites by university academics, and to explore the future direction for web archiving in New Zealand. The Library has been...

Working paper

13 Sep 2012

Social media content has grown exponentially in the recent years and the role of social media has evolved from just narrating life events to actually shaping them. In this paper we explore how many resources shared in social media are still available on the live...


10 Jun 2011

T his report is structured first, to engage in some speculative thought about the possible futures of the web as an exercise in prom pting us to think about what we need to do now in order to make sure that we can reliably and...


12 Jun 2007

Governments around the world are using their websites to rewrite history - or 'webscrubbing' writes Kellie Tranter. Whilst the internet has allowed instant access to a vast amount of information, it also allows governments (and companies) retrospectively to edit embarrassing information from their websites and...



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