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26 Nov 2019

There’s still a case for better tertiary funding in Australia, writes Geoff Sharrock.


7 Nov 2019

In 2018, domestic numbers for undergraduate courses fell for the first time since 2013 – they will remain stagnant for some years. This and other factors put unis at face financial risk.


9 Oct 2019

From 2020, universities will receive a certain amount of government funding based on four performance measures: student drop-out rates; participation of Indigenous, lower socioeconomic status and regional and remote students; student satisfaction with the university experience; and employment outcomes.

The government finalised the funding...


21 Aug 2019

From a business perspective, investing so much in one portfolio is risky, and universities need to diversify where they’re getting their income to ensure a stable economic future.


20 Aug 2019

This report establishes the scale of Australian universities’ China risk, assesses the difficulty of addressing it, and proposes steps to take toward reducing it in a fiscally and educationally responsible way.


Report for the Minister for Education – June 2019
7 Aug 2019

This final report presents the expert panel's considerations and recommendations, highlighting major findings from the sector and statistical analyses, and flagging future work for the development of a fit for purpose, fair, robust and feasible performance-based university funding scheme.


30 May 2019

In Victoria, there are eight public universities, which control a further 47 entities that are required to be audited. This report outlines the results of these financial audits and the Victorian Auditor-General's observations for the year ended 31 December 2018.


1 May 2019

Labor’s policy wouldn’t only give universities a funding boost, it would help universities adapt to and plan for future needs, writes Andrew Norton.

Working paper

15 Mar 2019

This publication examines the origins, implementation, and impacts of neoliberal policies. It does this by examining the case of performance-based funding for higher education in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere.


11 Dec 2018

Everyone has a right to education, whether you are leaving school, changing careers, retraining later in life or looking to gain new skills and knowledge. But successive Labor and Liberal governments have treated students as customers and education as a business. As a result, funding...


21 Nov 2018

This report argues that the international student industry in Australia is in a precarious state because of its high dependence on overseas-student fee revenue and because current enrolment levels are not secure.


14 Aug 2018

This analysis focused on the 2016 academic year, and estimated the impact associated with the universities’ world-class research, the direct, indirect and induced impacts of the institutions’ expenditures, educational exports and the impact of teaching and learning activities.

Working paper

2 Aug 2018

This paper investigates whether changes in funding over the past decade (measured by total expenditure per student) have had an impact on the research output, impact or ranking position of world-class universities.


1 Aug 2018

With a range of new technologies bearing down upon us, huge shifts in the global order under way, longer lives – and potentially longer working lives – it is vital that Australia has a flexible, adaptable tertiary education and training system which gives us the...


14 Jun 2018

Universities struck by a federal government funding freeze will be forced to go without up to 15% of their base funding.

Working paper

11 Jun 2018

This review of available research on the consequences of student loan debt suggests that student loan debt, particularly in the United States, tends to have a negative impact on people’s lives after university. Specifically, it appears to have a negative impact on career choices, home...


23 May 2018

In Victoria, there are eight public universities, which control a further 50 entities that we are required to audit. This report outlines the results of our financial audits of these entities and our observations for the year ended 31 December 2017. It also discuss asset...


29 Apr 2018

Some students who drop out of university never seriously engage with their course, and needlessly accrue a HELP debt before they leave. This report recommends new ways to protect students from unnecessary financial burdens.

Discussion paper

29 Apr 2018

The main purpose of this background paper is to provide additional information on the Grattan Institute’s statistical analysis of completion of bachelor degrees at public universities.

Working paper

13 Apr 2018

This paper casts a historical lens on the development of higher education and its wider socio-economic context during the last century in the UK, the USA and France.



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