Law reform

Discussion paper

12 Mar 2019

Ensuring family members are ‘properly provided for’ following the death of a loved one is the focus of a review of estate laws by the Tasmania Law Reform Institute, which will look at whether ‘notional estate laws’ should be introduced in Tasmania. The review is...


Maps of anti-LGBT laws country by country
28 Feb 2019

This series of interactive maps provides a global overview of laws relating to same-sex relationships and gender expression.

Discussion paper

27 Feb 2019

This discussion paper invites public feedback on the Model Defamation Provisions to assess whether the existing laws are meeting their policy objectives, particularly in response to the rise of online publications and technological changes since the provisions were developed.

Discussion paper

25 Feb 2019

This Issues Paper evaluates Tasmania’s current laws relating to the defence of insanity and fitness to stand trial, and seeks community input on these topics.


14 Feb 2019

It has been estimated that approximately 70 per cent of family law disputes are resolved without involving the federal court system. Therefore, the family law jurisdiction is far larger than the disputes that go to court. Part of the much broader family law community includes...


17 Dec 2018

This report recommends a major overhaul of Tasmania’s guardianship laws, which are outdated and need to be reformed to advance the rights of people with disability. It is the first comprehensive review of the Act since it came into force 20 years ago.

Discussion paper

9 Dec 2018

The main purpose of this discussion paper is to consider how the Territory’s financial assistance scheme can be improved to better support victims of violent crimes. The paper also looks at other potential reforms for victims, including the possibility of introducing victim-offender conferencing for adult...

Journal article

23 Nov 2018

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017 (Vic) will come into force in June 2019, becoming the first law in Australia in 20 years to permit voluntary assisted dying (VAD). This paper considers how other Australian states and territories are likely to respond to this development.


13 Nov 2018

Children are already being removed from Indigenous communities at an unprecedented rate. Indigenous children make up 36.9% of children in out-of-home care in Australia, despite being just 3% of the population.

Briefing paper

26 Oct 2018

The Law Commission has provided this ministerial briefing paper to the Minister of Justice, the Hon Andrew Little, advising on alternative approaches that could be taken to abortion law if the government decides to treat abortion as a health issue.


25 Oct 2018

In its advice to government, the Council makes eight recommendations for reform to restitution and compensation orders in Victoria. This advice follows a request by the Attorney-General for the Council to examine whether restitution and compensation orders should become sentencing orders or remain as orders...


19 Oct 2018

This paper recommends that victims of crime be given the right to instruct the DPP to seek leave to appeal sentences that they find unjustly lenient. The primary goal of this reform is to address community concern that the judiciary is out-of-touch with community standards,...

Discussion paper

2 Oct 2018

This discussion paper asks 33 questions and makes 124 proposals for change to the family law system, which focus on support for children, improving public understanding of the processes, accessible and coordinated service delivery, and enhanced oversight of the family law system and its workforce.

Discussion paper

22 Sep 2018

The purpose of this paper is to seek feedback on proposed options for reforms to Territory laws being considered by the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice, in response to the Royal Commission’s recommendations regarding the duties and liability of institutions and the identification of...

Discussion paper

7 Sep 2018

This paper evaluates Tasmania’s current laws governing the review of administrative decisions, and seeks community input on this topic.

Briefing paper

4 Sep 2018

This Issues Backgrounder provides a range of information on the effectiveness of section 37 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) . Section 37 prohibits strangulation, a significant form of domestic violence.

Discussion paper

Proposed healthy homes standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture ingress, drainage and draught stopping
4 Sep 2018

The healthy homes standards will set minimum requirements for heating, insulation, ventilation, draught-stopping, drainage and the control of moisture in residential rental properties. This discussion paper has been released to seek public comment on the proposals.

Journal article

23 Aug 2018

From a critical First Nations standpoint, Irene Watson reflects upon the significance and legacy of the Commonwealth of Australia’s 1967 referendum.

Discussion paper

21 Aug 2018

The Victorian Gender Equality Bill, an Australian first, aims to ensure that the public sector takes active steps to promote gender equality. This paper sets out the key reforms proposed by the Bill.



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