1 Feb 2017

Debates over what it means to be a “true” American, Australian, German or other nationality have often highlighted the importance of a person being born in a particular country. But contrary to such rhetoric, this Pew Research Center survey finds that people generally place a...


5 Nov 2015

Recently the ECCV was requested to review the Essential Services Commission’s (ESC) draft report Supporting Customers, Avoiding Labels: Energy Hardship Inquiry Report, September 2015. While ECCV understands that the term ‘vulnerable’ can sometimes be abused, the significant changes proposed by the ESC’s draft report will...


21 Apr 2015

African-Australians can face prejudice in their everyday lives, whether it’s increased likelihood of harassment by police or lazy assumptions that they come from backgrounds of poverty or violence. But identifying as African-Australian is also a source of strength, providing community ties and connecting to a...


27 Aug 2014

Overview: This book showcases current research into Indigenous and minority placenames in Australia and internationally. Many of the chapters in this volume originated as papers at a Trends in Toponymy conference hosted by the University of Ballarat in 2007 that featured Australian and international...


6 Aug 2014

The ethnicities that are recorded on a person’s death registration do not always match the ethnicities that are recorded on their birth registration. This makes it harder to compare the death rates of different ethnic groups. The article also presents data on comparing the two...


22 Jul 2014

This paper presents findings from an evaluation of culturally and linguistically diverse measures identified in 43 data sets and assessment instruments, and recommendations for implementing the ‘top-10’measures in aged care data sets.


Accurate and consistent identification of those from culturally and...


12 May 2014

Abstract: There appears to have been little or no effort by the Australian and Papua New Guinean governments to address the recommendations in Amnesty International’s December 2013 report, This is Breaking People . The primary concerns around arbitrary and indefinite detention and lack of...


19 Aug 2013

Background: Leading sports nutrition experts recommend customised fluid and electrolyte replacement strategies for optimal rehydration. Inadequate replacement of sodium can impair performance and health, but replacement needs are unique to an individuals' sweat sodium loss (SSL) - a product of sweat sodium concentration ([Na+]sweat) and...

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5 Feb 2013

I n recent times, the heath of adolescents and young people has been considered a priority area by governments around the world. The New Zealand (NZ) Ministry of Health has identified the current health issues in young people (12–24 years) as mental health problems,...

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1 Jan 2013

Aboriginal people across Australia suffer significant health inequalities compared with the non-Indigenous population. Evidence indicates that inroads can be made to reduce these inequalities by better understanding social and cultural determinants of health, applying holistic notions of health and developing less rigid definitions of wellbeing....


29 Feb 2012

Immigrants who marry outside of their ethnicity tend to have better economic outcomes than those who marry within ethnicity according to this German discussion paper. It is difficult, however, to interpret this relationship because individuals with stronger preferences for ethnic endogamy are likely to differ...


28 Feb 2012

The paper examines ethnic differences in the social and economic well- being of the immigrant aged in Australia and the factors affecting older immigrants’ well-being as measured by a number of indicators.

The data analysis is guided by the concept of the ‘Third Age’...



12 May 2011

Abstract: This paper was delivered to the Annual General Meeting of the Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre in Adelaide on the 12 May 2011.

Firstly, I would like to thank Norris Ioannou for inviting me here today to address the AGM. It is a great...


15 Mar 2011

This project was commissioned by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), and has five main components.

An analysis of population movement for Australia, at the statistical division level, detailing intrastate, interstate and net migration against a range of demographic, productive and human capital...

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11 Oct 2010

Ethnic media, defined by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (for the ethnic program specifically) as “one, in any language, that is specifically directed to any culturally or racially distinct group other than one that is Aboriginal Canadian or from France or the...


9 Aug 2010

Public cooperation with police is essential for the effective management of crime and disorder in our society. Understanding factors that shape public cooperation with the police is therefore important. However, Australian and international studies show that police find it difficult to elicit cooperation...

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1 Jan 2010

This study is about the role of immigrants and minority businesses in a recent community development initiative administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Federal Renewal Community, Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community (RC/EZ/EC) programs spanned the Clinton and Bush administrations...


26 Aug 2009

The standard of the accommodation and facilities provided at many immigration detention centres is of a serious concern, according to this report

, which recommends that detention in immigration residential housing should be used in lieu of detention in immigration detention centres. To ensure...


12 Aug 2009

In this report young people provide a perspective on how our youth justice and other human services are functioning.

This ongoing research project investigates the views and experiences of young people in Queensland’s detention centres, looking at the circumstances surrounding their entry to...

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29 Jul 2009

Ethnic precincts are one example of the way that cultural diversity shapes public spaces in the postmodern metropolis.

Ethnic precincts are essentially clusters of ethnic or immigrant entrepreneurs in areas that are designated as ethnic precincts by place marketers and government officials and display...



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